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Will I lose my cdl for life?
I got a DUI yesterday in my car and currently hold a cdl. I also had a dui when I was 19, 8 years ago. My first offense I went thru alcohol classes and thought that it was taken off my record, and did not hold a cdl at that time. I know that a second offense for cdl drivers is a disqualification for life. Am I going to lose it?
I can't answer your question. There are not enough facts. Maybe you have a defense to the new DUI charge. You have a...
Can the court find you guilty of 2nd D.U.I without a B.A.C.? Can the court access medical records and get doctors to testify?
I got into a single car accident six months ago, I fractured my ribs, face, and spine in 3 places and had spinal fusion, along with severe head trauma and brain bleeding. don't remember but i Refused a roadside sobriety test (Dmv suspeneded 3 years) due to my injuries I wasn't really able, but in my stooper told the cop I had been drinking. the officer didn't get a warrant for my B.A.C. as required because I said that. I've been going to court for 5 months, and they can't get results on me from hospital, pretty sure my lawyer asked them to look at this as my first and judge is considering. I'm aware dmv will still consider this my second. I asked "why we weren't fighting it" and my lawyer said "they could bring in doctors from hospital who will say I was intoxicated an the on call officer
In California, you can be arrested and convicted of a DUI without any blood alcohol level. Instead, they can convicted...
How do i answer have you ever been convicted of dui? but had a dui 3 yrs ago but not convicted?
then it asks if my license was revoked which it was for 6 months then ask do i get out of answering either question on an application. Help please
You correctly answer no but explain you suffered an administrative suspension of your DL. It will be difficult not to...
Received out-of-state driving suspension due to DUI, and wondering if I can drive in home state.
I have a CT license, and received a suspension in RI for first offense DUI. I realize CT will be notified of this through the compact agreement and may suspend my CT license. Will I be notified by CT if they do suspend my license, or should I assume it is suspended in CT due to RI conviction? to be more concise: can i drive in CT until I am notified otherwise?
Yes, but make sure they have your current address. Periodic checking on the status of your license is advisable....
Can I ask the DMV to suppress or otherwise absolve a drug and alcohol training from my driving record?
I was ineligible to be hired by a company because my driving record showed that I had completed a drug and alcohol training course. Their insurance company couldn't cover me becuase they equated the course to mean I once was arrested for drinking and driving. This is the only item on my driving record which happened in 2010 and I have no other criminal record.
It will remain on your DMV record for approximately 7-10 years. You can always ask but highly unlikely to be successful
Is there any pro-bono attorneys in eastern CT that help with DMV licence reversal hearings?
I have a 3rd DUI convicted in 2007. I have done everything required by the DMV to get a hearing to reverse my license revocation. I am a full time student that is about to start working in the field I am studying but I just do not have the money to pay an attorney to represent me. I could do a payment plan but I have never herd of an attorney that would do such a thing.
Most DUI attorneys work on a payment plan, however, I don't know any DUI lawyers who work for free. You have to...
On probation and got my 1st DUI.
I was parked at a rest area for over 2 hours. I'm on probation for 6th degree larceny with 4 months to go. I was sleeping in the car when a cop knocked on the window. I picked the keys up from the floorboard, put in ignition to roll down window. Did 2 field sobriety tests and cop kept barking different orders during the test and saying what did I tell you to do? I did everything he asked. He put me in cuffs and said I was under arrest. Was informed that another cop followed me for 10 miles after almost hitting him, which was impossible because I was parked there for at least 2 hours. I still blew .15 but it's not that I'm trying to beat the charge, it's that I'm the primary source of income for my parents and going to jail would kill them. I can't afford an attorney so I need help.
If you can't afford an attorney, you need to ask the court for one. That's your right. Don't do this without a lawyer.