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Are ramblings of an intoxicated mad man cause for search? Can closed box/bag/drawers be opened or is it a plain-view search?
While watching our nephew, whose parents were fighting. The father, J, began making outrageous claims about us because he was arrested for entering the house and grabbing his boy when he was told the night before to stay away by an officer. While the grand parents (who we live with) were at the station, my daughter and I were at the house. Officers showed up and said, "sign this paper your fiance's father gave us permission to search" So, I did. during so, they opened closed and latched bags and boxes. One latched box, found under and in the back of a shelf, contained a small amount of weed. We were given citations and OCS were called to investigate us. Later, my father in law said he never knowingly gave consent. They handed him a paper to sign but did not clearly state why.
You have a ton of legal issues here that will only be solved by hiring an attorney who does a lot of motion work.
My son is a soldier at Fort Polk ... he was just arrested for a DUI ... can he be discharged because of this??
Is is his first DUI ... I was told that in Louisiana there is a class he could take to have it sponged from his record.
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How do I get a copy of the BAC inorder to get counceling when it has been two years and no help from the MP station.
I need the BAC in order to start my counseling.. yet no one down in Fort Polk will help me, they ask if I am still around the area so I can come in and get it, however when I say I am not there anymore they say that they will help me, sure we can fax it to you but there I have not received anything in 3 weeks I do call them at least once a day but nothing.
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Dwi guilty or not guilty
I recently received a DWI in Louisiana, and my options were to either plead guilty or not guilty and get a hearing. I wanted to plea no contest and get a hearing, but that was not an option. I had the gastric bypass surgery done 6 months ago, and it was my first time to drink. I did not feel nor think that I was intoxicated, I had two drinks, and thought that I was fine. When the officer took me in to do a BAC it came out .121, which is astonishing to me. I have no priors of any sort and this is my first offense. I have done research and found that post op patients, because of the smaller stomach, and different of of digesting , do in fact blow higher BAC levels. I can get a letter from my doctor backing this information up, also have found and printed others like this situation online out. Do you think I should plead guilty, or Not guilty and fight it? Thank you.
A no-contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea. You waive trial, give up your rights, and have no hearing. If...
Can the state of Georgia impose me to go to a DUI school and pay the state 200 dollars 22 yrs after the fact.
I got a DUI in Georgia 22 yrs. ago, and the state just now placed a hold on my drivers license in Louisiana, and demanding I go to dui school and pay the state 200 dollars to get my license released. I have been renewing my license all these yrs, and now this pops up, There must be some statute of limitation on this kind of thing.
Were you sentenced to complete the DUI school back then and just didn't do it? If so, it sounds like Georgia finally...
In the case of a toxilizer refusal in the state of Louisiana, how do I delay the suspension and negate/postpone DMV decision?
I know other defendants who have had MULTIPLE DUI's and have not blown and all of which have never had an interlock device installed. I overheard someone talk about a motion that was filed that basically delayed the decision of the DMV and once the hearing was granted, the suspension period was basically over. Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
The license suspension is a civil matter, whereas the DUI/DWI is criminal. There are strict time limits that pertain to...
I was locked up for DUI in miss. State and they gave my keys to someone without me signing them out. What do I do?
They have no record of who they even gave the keys too and did not get my consent. Now I have reported car stolen and am confused about what to do. But I do know I don't have a car and no one is taking responsibility.
This isn't really a question for a lawyer unless you want to file suit.