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New Lenox Crime

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  • Foreclosures in New Lenox

    Oct 30, 2015 | via 

    Recent Southland News: A neighborhood haunt / Get fit for autism fundraiser / $8 eyebrow anger and more stories to catch up on. Benedictine University's National Moser Center for Adult Learning in Naperville invites area educators who want to advance their careers Benedictine University's National Moser Center for Adult Learning in Naperville is holding an open house for adults and career professionals Scott Peters, who is serving a 135-year prison sentence on attempted murder charges for the shooting, will not be charged with murder.


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  • Joliet Man Emailed Nude Photos to Child: Cops

    Oct 22, 2015 | via 

    A Joliet man arrested Wednesday on child pornography and other sex charges emailed naked photos of himself to a juvenile, and encouraged the girl to send one in return, New Lenox police said Thursday. Deshaunell Knight, 24, was booked into the Will County jail on charges of distributing harmful material, grooming and the indecent solicitation of a child via the Internet, in addition to child pornography.


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  • FBI Report: Take a Look at New Lenox's Crime Statistics

    Oct 20, 2015 | via 

    In 2014, with a population of 25,093, New Lenox had 24 violent crimes, 1 murders and/or non-negligent manslaughter cases, 3 rapes, 4 robberies, 16 aggravated assaults, 305 property crimes, 36 burglaries, 259 larcenies, 10 motor vehicle thefts and 0 reported instances of arson.


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New Lenox Law

Will I serve jail time?
Got a second DUI a couple days ago. Will this be treated as my first DUI considering I got my first one almost 8 years ago?
This will not be treated as your first DUI. DUIs stay with you, for all intents and purposes, forever. Regarding jail...
How will an injury claim filed against me for dui which was reduced to a reckless affect me?
Driver filed injury claim. I was sent a notice of lien. There was a passenger. Ambulance was called but nobody was taken to hospital. Accident report under injury was marked with reported but not evident. I called my insurance company and they are aware of the claim. Only the drivers name is on the claim. Can the passenger file something as well or do they need to be on the same claim? What will I have to do personally? I am done with the criminal aspect of the case. This is the only thing that is unresolved.
Well, there's possible criminal restitution and they can file separately. Honestly asker, your question needs to be...
Will my insurance cover my at fault dui accident? The other driver filed a personal injury claim. What does this mean for me.
At fault dui rear end accident. Was dropped down to a reckless. The other driver drove away from the accident with no apparent injuries. Ambulance was there but nobody was taken to a hospital.
Your insurance will pay. The fact that the other driver was not taken away by ambulance has nothing to do with her...
What happens if I fail a drug test while on court supervision?
So i got pulled over for running a red light (disobeying a traffic signal). The officer smelled pot on me charged me for DUI and i was 17 out past curfew so i didnt have a vaild license. that was about a year ago. About a month ago I was found innocent of the DUI and on the non valid license. But she found me guilty of the disobeying the traffic signal and put me on court supervision and the prosecuting attorney asked to have 2 drug test for the supervision too i believe. What happens if I fail one of those drug tests? Can i lose my license? What can some of the outcomes be?
If you went through all this with no attorney you must be one of a kind. Presuming you are not, ASK YOUR ATTORNEY
I'm on diversion for getting an illegal consumption and may have to sign a refusal form for drug test, what will happen?
The only reason I would have to sign the refusal form is cause I couldn't pee. I sat there for 2 hours and tried but couldn't, my probation officer watched me the whole time. She said she would call the states attorney to see what they say to do. What do you think will happen? Btw, I am 100% that I would have passed the drug test.
Speak with your lawyer before agreeing to sign any refusal form.
Can i get a DUI if i am in my car on private property, and my keys in my pocket
A person at the bar i was at had a little too much to drink and went to his car to get out of the bar, he was still waiting for the other people he was with and an officer made him get out of his car and arrested the 70 year old fellow for DUI. Car never started and keys were in his pocket.
In Illinois, the DUI statute applies to any vehicle in the State, including those on private property such as a drive...
Will Illinois accept me for DUI probation again.
I was convicted of a DUI in Kansas, I have completed all requirements of the probation, I am gainfully employed in Illinois and have a residence there. I was flown back from Illinois to Kansas on a probation violation. I am needing to get back in order to stay employed. Will Illinois take me back for the remainder of my probation terms? I have a 1 year probation, I have served half of it under house arrest in Wichita. I was under probation in Cook county in Chicago, I will now be living in Naperville in DuPage county.
It is up to Kansas. If you are on probation in Kansas, the court there can ask Illinois to supervise you for the...