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was arrested blowing a .099 on scene ( officer said that couldnt be held against me in court as only the one at the station would count.) At the station I blew .07 but was still arrested and charged. Now I have to spend money to hire a lawyer even though I was below legal limit. Can I get this thrown out? I dont want it on my record. I am 145 lbs and had one drink on an empty stomach about an hour prior. The officer, who was in the parking lot of the bar, followed me out of the parking lot to the 7/11next door to thebar. He approached me for a brake light issue as I got out of my car at 7-11 parking lot. Can a .07 stick? Can I get this dismissed? Do I have to hire an attorney? seems wrong I should have to pay to dismiss a charge when under legal limit.
Yes, you can be convicted of DUI / DWI in Virginia even though your breath alcohol test result was 0.07. There are...
I have a misdemeanor leaving the scene/accident charge 5 years ago that is now preventing me from getting a job even though it is irrelevant to the job duties in many cases. I need to find out how to get that removed to increase my employment chances. 2 days ago I was arrested for DUI and below legal limit and have that to fight now. With an interview next week I also need to know if the employer will be able to find out about that arrest for which I have not yet gone to court.
The removal of a charge and/or of a conviction (traffic and/or criminal) is generally referred to as "expungement."...
Upon deciding to arrest me and placing in the patrol car, the officer told my friend to exit my vehicle and then the officer took possession of my vehicle and drove my car to another point in the parking lot to move it to a new space. He would not allow my sober passenger to move the car and did not attempt to have it towed. He simply took my keys, entered my car and operated my vehicle without my permission or without asking for my permission. I never authorized him to enter my vehicle or to take possession of and/or operate my vehicle at any time. Was he within riights to do this rather than having my friend move the car, leave it there or have it towed?
It is common for the police to do this. It is even more common for them to make your passenger get out and then have...
Pulled over while texting at night because i swerved a little on the road. I had also been drinking not too long before being pulled over. I did the field sobriety tests and passed, then i blew a .08 Another officer came and took my car and parked it at a nearby church and i was then taken to the station. At the station i blew two more times, which was a .06 and then a .08 I was told i had a DWI but am free to call someone to pick me up, however nobody answered and i stayed in the cell till i was released at 4 a.m. when i got a taxi and picked up my car and went home. My license was also suspended a week. This is my 1st offense and it is a Class 1 misdemeanor
You absolutely should not handle this yourself. Get a DUI attorney IMMEDIATELY. Stay off line with any more...
I was convicted of the one DUI. WIll this hurt my chances of employment? How common are DUIs in the US?
A DUI from most states will show up on one's criminal record. These convictions are extremely common.
My revocation period has ended for my DUI and don't think I have time to go through the process of relicensing in Hawaii before I move to Virginia.
The easiest way to get that answer is to go to DMV and apply for a license or request a compliance summary if you are...
i was convicted of a dui i didnt follow up with asap when i was suppose to due to being homeless,got a showcause in the mail that i didnt know i had received.
The decision whether or not to grant bond lies with the magistrate and the judge. Your question creates 2 possible...