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First-time DUI. Do I need an attorney?
I got my first DUI, that's not in question. I'm hoping I don't lose my license. I have a clean record and have never been arrested.
Absolutely you need one. A first time DUI mandatory MINIMUM sentence can be anywhere from no jail time no license...
I am due to get my license back on April 23 2014; I had the interlock on my boyfriends vehicle but now he wont let me
now he doesn't want it on his car so now what do I do???
Perhaps I am missing something. A boyfriend, who is under no legal obligation to do so, no longer wants you to drive...
I was convicted of DUI in 2007 . This now shows up on background ck for employment . Can I get a nondisclosure in PA ?
This DUI also did not have the arresting officer present since he had been fired due to " pulling over the wrong person for DUI " in Armstrong cry , pa . Can this be appealed or at least hidden on employment background checks ?
If you were convicted of DUI it cannot be hidden or removed from your official record kept by the Pennsylvania State...
Should I get a lawyer for my first dui with a BAL 0.19? My hearing is in Allegheny county, whats the chance of me going to jail?
Never had any other charges. Pull over bc he said I went over the white line 2 times. My level is 0.19 which is over double the limit so worried mostly about going to jail.
I think that every attorney would recommend that you consult with an attorney that is experienced in handling DUI cases...
So I got my first DUI, I am still waiting on my paper wrk. Not sure of my bal, think i should still get a lawyer?
Not sure of my bal yet. Never got in trouble before so I don't know if I should get a lawyer. Im just freaking out about everything. Please give me some advice. Also I cant afford to spend a ton of money on the lawyer do any of them take payment plans.
I always recommend that you get a lawyer. Otherwise, you are going to be taking advise from the officer or the DA,...
I wanted to know, my friend got IPP 30 days min., 30 days maximum and 6 months probation. what does the 30 day IPP mean?
my friend got her 2nd DUI and went to court today. Her sentence was 30 days max. 30 days min IPP with 6 months probation what does the IPP mean will she have to go to jail. I am asking because her and her daughter live wih me. I will have to make arrangements for child care of her daughter while I work.Get free, personalized legal advice from experienced attorneys Ask your question - be specific, but leave out any personally identifiable info Get answers - from participating lawyers who are notified as soon as you post Rest assured - your privacy is important to us: all questions are posted anonymously (8 characters remaining) Enter your question (496 characters remaining) Add details
It stands for Intermediate Punishment Program. The Intermediate Punishment Program is an alternative to jail time. It...
ARD Violation Hearing
I was placed on ard for 6 months about a year ago and i finished all my classes and only have about $200 on my fine left. but i was looking online and im scheduled for a ard violation hearing. im going to pay the rest off before the court date. what can i expect??
Call your lawyer and find out what violation is alleged. You should have gotten written notice of the violation. If...