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just got out of prison for 120 days on 2nd DUI conviction. i don't have time or place to do community service.
96 hours
Highly unlikely. You can either file a motion and attempt to have the re-arrest vacated if there is a genuine...
Police in an unmarked car stopped a number of students just after they purchased alcohol at a store Police said they would not come to court and that he may get community service. Will the univ suspend him? He had not been drinking
This young man needs to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney to make sure his rights are protected and to...
We now live in NY but he was pulled over in new haven CT for driving 85 mph on a 50 mph highway..his liscence is still suspended but needed to be reinstated this year.the only reason he was in CT is because his car got stolen and he had to leave an drive his cousins vehicle home early morning cause I'm pregnant and was in the hospital
Wow. That is some fact pattern! You are unlikely to get jail time with a good, local attorney unless he is a repeat...
Son was tailgating at a concert in Hartford. Received a public drinking/poss alcohol by minor summons and instructed to appear in court next Tuesday. No prior violations. Recent prep school grad, good kid. Going to college in Fall. Want to be sure this remains an infraction and hopefully not go on his record for future job opportunities etc. What should we do? Do we need a lawyer to accompany us on 6/11?
I would hire a lawyer. Pleading guilty would mean an automatic suspension of his driver's license. There may be...
I am pleading to a ny dwai (not Dwi) in new York. I was merely visiting new york and Have a Connecticut license. I was told by several attorneys, that Connecticut can take no action because there is no reciprocal violation in ct. Is this true? I was also told if I am suspended in Connecticut , that it's a mistake that is easily corrected. Also I have no points on my license.
It would have to suspend your right to drive in NY and be reported to the National Driver Registry to have an effect.
my dui charges and child abuse charges were dismissed/nolled. Does that mean my name remains on registry or is it removed?
The law on this is very confusing. Here is the link: It says...