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I am under supervision of dui court. I injured my back and am in severe pain and am being denied any type of prescribed meds. ?
I have been to the doctors and they've prescribed me non-narcotic medicine and i am still not allowed to take anything. My doctor has also put me on temporary disablity from work. I have been suffering debilitating pain for a month now and for the court to deny me any sort of relieve seems inhumane and down right cruel. My doctors have tried to talk to my P.O. to let him know my situation but nothing is getting through to them. If my pain continues my doctor wants to operate on my back. I guess my question is there anyway i could sue the court for pain and suffering or is there anyway i can get them to listen to reason?
The question regarding suing the court for pain and suffering should be listed under another practice area. That being...
RN in PA. Got a DUI/ ARD. Expungement should be done in Sept. Do I need to report this on my renewal app? Mine expires Oct 31.
probation is done in March @ which time I'll be filling out the application for expungement. They said this process can take up to 6 mos. which brings us to Sept. My nursing renewal is due this October 31st. I was able to find a renewal application for RN's whose license expired in Oct of 2014. On this form, it states "You are not required to disclose and ARD or other criminal matter that has been expunged by order of a court" I can't find a renewal application for Oct of 1015. I need to know if the RN renewal application states the same thing.
I would guess that the renewal application won't change significantly from year to year, but I could easily be wrong....
Got a DUI. In ARD.6 mos probation is done end of this month.What is fastest way to expedite expungement? Nursing license renewal
My nursing license renewal expires Oct 31st. I saw a license renewal form on the State Board of Nursing website that said I am "not required to disclose any ARD or other criminal matter that has been expunged by order of a court". What are my chances of having expungement done before that date? Can I hand deliver documents? Will hiring an attorney help? I haven't received the expungement packet yet. I spoke with my PO, she said I could speak with her secretary about it. She said it gets held up at the Central Repository in Harrisburg.
You should be able to obtain an expungement by October if you do it correctly and yes, hiring an attorney will help to...
RN arrested for DUI, received ARD (no conviction). How would I answer the questions on renewal application? Do I need to do VRP?
I had no driver's license suspension, passed the drug and alcohol eval. Is there a way to avoid VRP from the Board of Nursing? Is it a good idea to go to them in person with my questions and explanation of the circumstances? My DUI lawyer fees alone were $5600! I have no more savings. But if you think I can get out of VRP if I hire a lawyer, then I will. What do you know about VRP and the disciplinary actions they impose?
This is definitely something your lawyer who you paid all that money to should be willing to work through with you....
Do probation officers give urine test for 1st time dui offenders?
I have not been tested...i was on probation for 6 mnths but it was extended for another 6 mnths (or until i pay my fine off) due to me not having the set amount of my fine unpaid! I still have not been tested....are they going to test me? I
When you are on supervised probation they can drug test you at any time. In practice they may not, but it could occur....
Under medical advice I am not working due to my bipolar disorder and I'm on probation for a DUI. How should I report this?
I'm currently not working because my symptoms from bipolar disorder have become severe. My therapist feels that this is the best option for me now. York county probation wants me to fill out a form that asks fo an employer, and I have to list number of days unemployed. I'm worried that I will be in trouble for not working. I'm currently appealing my disability claim. What should I do?
This should not be an issue for you whatsoever. Simply provide your probation officer with documents from your...
I violated my probation
I have a vop for failing to get into drug and alcohol treatment within the allotted time period. I am in it now and things are going well. My PO says he's not going to push for jail time or anything like that. Will I be ok? I'm on a PBJ in carrol county md
The sentence you get for a violation of probation is up to the Court. It's good to hear that your probation officer...