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my period is up novemebr 7 and ive already had an extension it has been hard
First of all I would make sure to contact your attorney ASAP in the County where this occurred. Every County handles...
started to harrass me pretty much , a fight broke out and we got kicked out, they said the police were coming so i didnt want to leave the scene, im positive i was intoxicated i barely remember much from this night. i went to my car to avoid the girls in the parking lot and waited for the police to arrive, they told me to call someone to pick me up and to wait in my car while they talked to the other girls, my phone was off and i couldnt call anyone and when they asked if i called someone i said no, that is when they asked me to get out of my vehicle and arrested me for a dui, took me to the hospital took my blood, then they called someone to come pick me up, im sure my bac level is high, im scared, do i wait to get a letter in the mail, is my liscense in the process of being suspended?
It is likely you will be charged, retain a criminal defense attorney who can fight on your behalf.
I also had marijuana in my system from weeks prior. The police officer also was very prejudice and told me a lot of things that he shouldn't have. Is their anyway, I can beat this case?
I can't directly answer thst question anymore than I can predict the outcome of a jury trial. What I can say is that...
all requirements met except the steep fine. I was exradited from colorado but the violation of probation was dropped because i lived in oregon when I plead guilty. They errantly issued a fugitive hold and charged me the expense.
There are many requirements to securing a OLL. It is suggested that you sit down with an experienced attorney to...
I was issued an 23.50 dollar non traffic citation for consumption of alcoholic beverage. I was wondering if this is any different from being issued an actual underage or all I have to do is plead guilty and pay the fine. Thanks for your help.
Its the same thing. Keep in mind if you plead guilty you will also suffer a suspension of your Driver's License. You...
Me and my friends were in our dorm room and the police showed up because of a noise complaint. The officers searched our dorm and did not find any alcohol. They also did not breathalyze us. Can we still receive an underage?
I suppose that you could be charged if the officer smelled alcohol on your breath. Wheter you could be convicted on...
i was wrongly convicted of a DUI and was refused an appeal. during my trial the cops lied, my cousin confessed and my friend said she watched me leave the house and walk up the street. when the jury was deliberating they asked if the cops ever lost sight of me and the judge said they had to go from what they remember. my cousin got a DUI in my truck a week earlier and was driving down an old train track. he said he saw a car behind him so when he got to the end and by his moms house he stopped and ran up the hill to her house. meanwhile i was walking down the street from my other cousins house where the party was my first cousin was going to. while i was in jail my public defender sent me a letter saying he was quitting the pd office and opening up his own firm, good luck. then prison
I'm sorry to report that all your appeal periods and challenges have expired. Your only recourse is to file for a...