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How do I get suspension lifted in my home state of pa when my WV DUI suspension on CDL has already been served?
I got a DUI in WV in 2011 and fought it because i was in my personal car and my bac was under the regular limit but just above the CDL limit. WV took them in january for 6 months and suspended CDL for 1 year. I have met all requirements for WV to restore my CDL in WV but my home state wont give them back because WV didnt send info to PA until october. Pa sent me a letter in march saying they that i would not be able to renew my license until matter was resolved. WV says it is but Pa said said I cant have my CDL back until october of this year. What should i do?
I am not licensed in PA, but it seems like you need to address the issue in PA to a higher level of the DMV than just...
Can you get out of an underage if the cop never got any blood alcohal level or even a field sobriety test?
I was at a party that got busted and ended up giving the cop my id but then running away and he never got any kind of test on me and the only charge im getting is underage drinking.
Anything is possible, but the officer's testimony alone that you smelled of alcohol and were acting intoxicated could...
If handcuffed for dui and taken to hospital for blood test &driven home by trooper should I have been given any paperwork?
Pulled over for failure to come to complete stop at stop sign. Performed several field sobriety tests.
If you didn't get any paperwork, you will probably get it soon. Don't speak to the police any more about your case...
Will I go to jail for dui? since I haven't been convicted of the 1st yet will this count as a second dui/
I have been recently pulled over for a dui. this would be my second dui. for my first dui I have only gone to the preliminary hearing and out on bail for it. I just got this second bac for the second say .10-.16. if I will go to jail how long should I expect? will this be counted as the second?
Every case is fact specific. You need to retain a criminal defense attorney ASA
Will I go to jail for my first dui?
Its says bac was.215percent which is .16percent or higher within two hours after the individual had driven
Each county has its own District Attorney and therefore its own parameters for the ARD program. If you have no prior...
My daughter was charged with underage drinking reading was .023 could taking nyquil or halls cough drops affect the reading?
My daughter was sick over the weekend and had been taking nyquil and halls cough drops. She had a campfire and some people showed up who were not invited. The cops came and a lot of those poeple fled. The cops tested the other ones and my daughter tested .023. She told me and the cops that she wasn't drinking. She was even eating a halls cough drop and had to remove it to take the portable breathalyzer test. I asked the police to take her for a bloodtest but they said it was my responsibility to do that. I took her to the hospital as soon as I could and we then had to wait about another hour in the emergency room before they did the blood test. The test came back with no trace of alcohol. I also had them do a urine test to test for drugs which was also negative.
You should retain a criminal defense attorney to represent your daughter. The key is to attempt to avoid a conviction...
Do I have to put the ignition interlock system in my car
I have two 1st offense DUI's from 2010 in PA. I have completed probation, paid all fines, driving school, Drug and alochal classes and served two years of DL suspension. I am now being told I have to put the ignition interlock system in my car. Am I required to do this. My court papers specifically state that both DUI's were 1st offenses.
It depends on your DMV's authority as well as on what happened in court. In Wisconsin the DMV can apply administrative...