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After a DUI, can I be forced to pay for weekly IDRC alcohol tests for 16 weeks if I am not a regular drinker?
I made a very big mistake in deciding to drive after having had too much to drink. No accident, no property damage. I was stopped and convicted of dui. I paid my court costs, I lost my license, I pay a monthly surcharge, I went to the 48 hour IDRC program. I also went for evaluation as directed by IDRC. Because alcohol is not even a minor part of my life, I know I have no addiction. I was told I could have an "extended evaluation" where I would be called at random four times. If I tested positive for alcohol at all, I would have to do the 16 weeks of counseling at my own expense. Not a problem. Then I was told they weren't going to do this. Though I didn't need counseling, I would have to be tested once a week for 16 weeks again, at my own expense. Is this legal? Or a money scam?
It is legal. I have my doubts about it as well. I believe there is provision of independent testing. To get 48 hours on...
Am i allowed to bring pen/pencil and paper up when i am on the stand
in municipal court
Having them is your pocket is fine, but taking them out may not be. Your lawyer will have to ask the judge and request...
DUI's in NJ are not considered misdemeanors, but what will the state of California classify them as?
Will the offenses for the DUI's I received in NJ be re-classified and show up as misdemeanors in CA? Or will CA keep their status as only traffic offenses?
You need to ask a California attorney that question or call the California DMV to see how it will transfer from NJ.
Anyone interested in suing Ambien sleep driving in New Jersey after I was suspended from driving for 3 months? I have no money.
No 3rd party was physically hurt but I have suffered severe financial and emotional hardships.
This is not a criminal defense question. Use the find lawyer tab above to find a civil plaintiff's attorney.
Is a DUI a felony?
I have one DUI
No,it's not a crime, it's a motor vehicle offense. It is not something that would show up on a criminal background...
Is a second dui in nj within 10 years of the first one require absolutely going to jail for at least 48 hours.
Does the state of nj require a 48 hour mandatory minium sentence on your second offense?
No it does not. But you need to hire a good DWI attorney, look for someone who has experience as municipal prosecutor...
Dyfs came to my house because my sister said i was an alcoholic and used illegal drugs. I got a dui in the summer my kids were
Dyfs came to my house because my sister said i was an alcoholic and used illegal drugs. I got a dui in the summer my kids were with their mom and dyfs tested me and i tested positive for traces of thc. I completed the idrc course for my driving incident. I have full custody of my kids and now they recommended level 1 therapy. Whats happens if I refuse and will the court order me to doing these classes that I have already completed 3 weeks ago? I am a single parent with no license cant attend
Generally speaking, they can file a dependency and neglect case against you. That is technically an action to...