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Can u Beat A DUI charge if no blood test or breathalyzer was taken?
pulled over for DUI, i refused to take the breathalyzer test. So, they took me to the local hospital for a blood test but there was no phlebotomist so they could not draw my blood. I was still arrested and cited. What should i do?
Lots of moving parts here. Did the officer seize your license and issue a (pink) temporary license? If so, is there a...
Hi I want to apply for citizenship but I have 2 dui do I need a lawyer?
I have been living in the us for 10 years but I have been a permanent resident for 5. I have 2 dui one 2012 one in 2013. no jail time. I got the green card under vawa after I got divorce. I get off probation in February so I was wondering when can I apply for citizenship and if I should hire a lawyer. Thanks.
You may want to wait for 5 years from your last conviction to be on the safe side. Good luck.
Can I become an EMT even though I have a DUI on my record?
In May 2014 I got a DUI misdemeanor . I completed all the necessary classes, paid all the fines, did the necessary time with the interlock, etc. Will I still be able to take the EMT classes and graduate?
You'll need to ask the class provider about taking the class and graduating. Bigger question is will you be able to...
HELP!!! Fiance in VC jail for DUI and is in probation violation in SB for his new DUI. Public Defender said DA pushing for jail
my fiancé got his 4th DUI in November 2014 in Ventura. He was finally sentenced this year and is doing some jail time currently (april-july) then a 6month treatment court ordered program. His previous 3rd DUI was in December 2012 in Santa Barbara. He is in probation violation because of his current DUI. His public defender in SB for the violation is straight of out of school and has no clue what he is doing. He said they are pushing for jail time for the violation. My fiancé heard about a 1381 form and he filled one out and mailed it to me. I just have so many questions. Not sure if I need to hire a lawyer or just mail the form...
You have many options here. The more obvious one is to stick with this public defender, although he/she might look or...
Can I be inadmissible if I have 2 dui and one open container?
I got my green card after 6 years of being illegal under VAWA. After that I got 2 dui and one open container at the beach in Hawaii it was a ticket I was never finger printed but they told me that in Hawaii open containers are a criminal offense. i need to travel outside the U.S. and I am afraid that they would not let me back in because of that criminal history. I am not an alcoholic but I had a hard time bouncing back after years of being abused. Also am I going to have problems if I want to become a citizen? Please help I am really concerned.
You asked this quesiton before and we answered already. No need to repost. Same attorneys are answering your quesiton....
Permanent resident traveling outside the United states with 2 dui ?
Hi. I have been living in the U.S. for 10 years. i got my green card 4 years ago under VAWA. Unfortunately after that I got 2 dui. I need to travel outside de US but I'm afraid I would have problems coming back or be inadmissible because of my criminal history. I really need to go see my mother in my home country but I'm scared since I have a child in the United states. Please help.
Personally, i haven't had a greencard holder have issues coming back to this country but speak to an immigration...
I understand that State of CA expunges DUI records after 10 years but does the DMV revocation ever go away?
My last DUI was 15 yrs ago. The court did not revoke my license but the DMV did & in order to get my license back, the DMV required I enroll in & complete the 18-mth multiple offender program & get an SR-22. I was eligible for a RESTRICTED license allowing me to drive to & from work & school, etc., provided I was enrolled in & in good standing with the 18-mth program. I did get started on the program but 4 mths in, I was distracted by personal matters & took a leave of absence & never went back. I did not apply for the restricted license during those 4 mths. I just learned California expunges DUI convictions after 10 years but understand this has nothing to do with the DMV decision. Is there also a time frame when the conditions set forth by the DMV to get my license also go away?
Where did you learn this? Whatever you think you learned is inaccurate. There are no "expungements" in CA and nothing...