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Is it possible to get house arrest
I'm on a suspended license due to dui, got caught driving while on suspension for the second time, but they didn't physically pull me over, is it possible that I can beat this charge? If not will I be able to get house arrest if found guilty?
You should hire an attorney that handles these cases in this County. Every County does has their own rules and...
Is act 122 required for ard program in pa?
Is act 122 required for ard program in pa? I have found websites stating that it is only required for convicted dui cases for license restoration. Is this true?
Contact a local dui lawyer for a free consultation.
Is treatment court ordered?
I received a drug and alcohol assessment in PA for a a dui charge. It occurred after my sentencing date. I know the assessment was court ordered. Is this treatment court ordered if it was not known of the day of sentencing?
Most likely yes. Most likely, at sentencing, you were ordered to submit to an evaluation and comply with the...
Driving with no liencse
My husband got pulled over driving with no liencse and he got ticket for it..the cop told him his best bet is to go to a hearing. My husband is still on probation for 2 more months. Would he go to jail for this.
If he was on probation for a DUI, then he could be facing 60-90 days in jail for a 1543(b) violation (i.e. driving on a...
Can my house arrest be petitioned to be finished in Ohio, from PA?
I got my 3rd dui in PA. Started house arrest in October of '14. It is currently 4 months remaining as I got a full year. Bought a house in Ohio. Living in PA with my sister. My house is 30 minutes away from my sisters house where I reside now. At all possible for my attorney to petition so I can finish it out at my house?? Not my probation, my house arrest and then probation as well.
They will not transfer misdemeanor probation between states. However, there is a way to allow house arrest to be...
Sentencing Court
My husband goes to sentencing tom at 130 for his 2nd dui and driving without a liencse. Him and his lawyer made some kind of plea for 90 days arrest and 6 months probation. Will the judge accept that or can he decline it and put my husband in jail.
if your husband has a lawyer he should be asking these questions of his lawyer.
Probation violation from drinking, has not been charged with DUI yet, has been over 72 hours and still being held.
Man i know has been on probation for 2 years now, 5 more to go, and then got arrested for speeding, his breathalizer was error. Took him for bloodwork then straight to jail. Hes been there for 5 days now, with no charges filed, has not recieved any paperwork, cannot get an answer from anyone.He has a gagnon hearing at the end of the month, his alleged drinking must be his probation violation. Are they going to hold him until that hearing? It's legal to be held for a month with no charges and no information until the gagnon hearing? thinking that his BAC was below the legal limit, and this is his1st dui offense, is it safe to assume since it has been past 72 hours and no charges yet, that they are not going to charge him with DUI?
He needs a lawyer and a bondsman. This would be my next step. Hell in Oklahoma they have three years to press charges....