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Can the Texas cps by law force a first time hair follicle test for methamphetamine with no open case
Cps is trying to get me to do this
No they can not force you to anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure you have a cps/lawyer on board when and...
Can a company fire me for a DWI felony that i got 5 years ago???
I got hired at Cash America 4 months ago as a MRG trainee, I did put on my online application that I had a DWI felony 5 years ago and also the first month of employment I submitted for my pawn license and disclosed to the manager and the Assistant Manager that I had a DWI felony so they also kew about it but then today 4 months later they told me that I could not work for them due to my DWI felony that they knew about from the day I submitted my online application, Im very surprised and dont know what to do or if there is anything I can do, please help.
Yes, In Texas they do not need a reason to fire you,
3rd DWI. What can we expect?
I'm asking for my sister who was arrested last Wednesday for DWI 3rd offense. The first was in 2008 and the second in 2009. She plead guilty to both of them and both where alcohol related and had an open container charge. Wednesday she decided to take some pills (she won't tell us what kind) and drive to the store with her 4 yr old, not in a car seat, and wrecked. She was then, obviously, arrested and is now in Montgomery County jail. None of her charges say anything about the child being with her. My sister is pretty confident that she is "just going to get probation." What can we expect? I know the 2-10 and fines that apply but how often does this offense get probation over jail time? She is careless and needs to learn her lesson. She could have killed my niece! Thank you!
Have you seen the citations that she is charged with? Normally if there is a child in the car the driver is also...
Does an MIP go on your permanent record after all classes and community hours are completed?
I received an MIP summer of 2006. I completed the alcohol class/community service hours and submitted all my paperwork. Is this on my permanent record? If so do I contact that court house to request it to be expunged?
If you received deferred adjudication, the case should have been dismissed when you provided proof of completion of the...
I am on 5 year probation for 3rd DWI, I have finished 4.5 years with no issue, my last 2 drufg test showed positive for alchohol
She ordered that I appear for a "status hearing" What are the possibilities? Judge Hamilton 359th
Very possible you will be violated. Get in touch with the attorney who handled this matter for you. Do not appear...
I got dui with my 15 yr old in car driving. sentencing is for 3 yrs probation. If I drink responsibly at home is that a problem?
Im told for 3 yrs I cant drink or go into bars. Does this mean if I consume anything in 3 yrs I will go to jail?
If the order says you cannot consume alcohol and you drink anyplace you are in violation of the court order and can be...
Why am I being charged as a 3rd dwi 3rd degree felony? And what are my best options?
I just got my 3rd dwi which makes it a felony. But back in 2000 I was 17 at the time wrecked my vehicle and made it home my mom called the cops on me. Well long story short I got a Intoxication assault with a vehicle and was arrested got probation broke it and plead guilty and did 18months prison well about a year and a 1/2 ago I got a dwi which they charged me with a 2nd dwi and just yesterday after almost 2 years got my 3rd...... why am I being charged as a 3rd? And is it gonna stay a 3rd degree felony?? What kind of time am I looking at here??
Whoever you hire as your attorney will be able to look at your record and give you the best answer to that question....