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What can I expect in court for violation of probation for a dui in Nj. I failed to report to probation and failed 2 drug tests
I got sentenced to probation for two years for a dui in New Jersey. I am suffering from depression and am no longer under my parents care to see my psychiatrist and get my medication. I am 24 years old. I missed multiple probation meetings and failed two out of two drug tests I took with marijuana in my system.
More information is needed to answer your question, but as always the worst case scenario is jail, the best is your...
How should I respond to job applications outside NJ regarding a DUI in NJ. Can other states interpret it as a criminal offense?
I just was offered a job in the medical field in the state of New York and the contract asks if I have ever been arrested or convicted of any crime and if so it is asking for full details including dates, allegations, and findings ? I was convicted of a DUI in NJ 2 years prior but otherwise have a clean criminal record and no other traffic violations. How should I answer this question so that it minimally impacts my career.
Only trust answers from New Jersey lawyers on this. It is my understanding that in New Jersey, as in Wisconsin, a non-...
Can you refuse Medical Treatment if your intoxicated and under 21?
Police and EMS approached me before entering a football game for being intoxicated. I refused to go in the ambulance however I was forced by the police and EMT to go. Are they allowed to do this even though I refused?
Though I'm not licensed in NJ, this question is not unique to that state's laws, in my view. Police and fire-rescue...
Is it possible to get the probable cause tickets thrown out when being charged with dui?
I was recently arrested for dui. When I left the police department i was giving two tickets, one for dui and another for dui with a minor. The next day when I appeared to court the judge handed me six more tickets. Two for failure to maintain lanes, one for child not being restraint in a seat belt, one for uninsured, one for no registration, one for reckless driving. I knew that the registration and uninsured tickets would be thrown out. The ticket for the minor not being in a restraint was not true because when my sister came to the scene she had to take my son out of the seat belt to get him out the car. I'm real skeptical of the details the officer put into the report in order to pull me over. The lawyer was able to throw all the tickets out except the dui and dui with a minor.
Answer: First and foremost this is a question you should be asking your current attorney. However, it seems as though...
I need a lawyer in a criminal case for shoplifting (3rd Degrees). Do I pay a flat fee or by the hour?
I saw two attorneys, one said I would have to pay 5,000.00 (shoplifting, first time - I was never arrested before). He said it was a "flat fee" so that it is non-refundable. Another lawyer said 6,000.00 and said he would charge me by the hour - and that I could get money back if he works less. Which attorney? How do I choose? Which attorney is more fair? The second attorney said "flat fees" are unlawful? But 5,000.00 is cheaper!
You should definitely shop around for a better price. That's a lot to charge for a PTI eligible case. Flat fees are...
Do DUI's show up on background checks in NJ? Also are they considered minor traffic offenses?
I am applying for a job and they ask if I ever been found guilty or pled guilty to a violation of the law (other than minor traffic offenses)
A DUI is seldom considered a "minor" traffic offense. In virtually all jurisdictions, it is a criminal offense.
I have a pending DWI in NJ. What's stopping me from going to PA and getting a license there. If or before I lose my NJ license
I have a pending DWI in NJ. What's stopping me from going to PA and getting a license there. If or before I lose my NJ license?
FIrst, you need to be a legal resident of the state where you are licensed. Assuming that you are a resident of New...