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My husband has a dwlr due to impairment but it's been 7years he got charged with a dwi and spent 2 years in prison .
He is going to have to due time again
I'm sorry, but you haven't provided enough information to allow a response. You didn't say when your husband's initial...
My dwi in NC was dismissed, how long does the DA have to refile charges
casw was dismissed because officer did not appear. How long do they have to refile charges
That's a DECEPTIVELY complicated question, as the caselaw isn't in my mind entirely clear. If the COURT dismissed...
Arrested for DWI was released at jail because i blew under legal limit no charges no tickets nothing and now on background check
its saying that i have a DWI on record do we have a good lawsuit on our hands or what? Ive been unemployed for a few months since then and have applied for hundreds of jobs finally hear back from one and get denied due to DWI conviction on record.
All criminal charges will show up on a background check, unless you get the charge expunged from your record. It...
I need an attorney to represent me in a DMV hearing
I'm trying to get my North Carolina driving privileges reinstated at my DMV hearing for driving on revoked license I just became available to get driving for them to be here in this year and I'm trying to find a reasonably priced attorney to handle my DMV hearing in the Craven County area North Carolina
Use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" function to search for Craven County, NC for an experienced DUI attorney. Good luck to you.
Will my dwi case be dropped if the witness that called the cops does not show up to court?
a 3rd party called the cops saying i was drinking and driving. by the time the cops caught up to me i had already been out of my vehicle and inside of a bar for about 10-15 minutes. the cops never saw me in or around my vehicle, or even in possession of my keys. they ended up arresting me saying that the witnesses statement was enough probable cause to take me in to the station and breathalyze me. can the cops use his original statement? or does the witness have to actually show up to court and testify?
In NJ and all other jurisdictions with which I am familiar, the State will need to prove operation of the vehicle. This...
I am a military spouse and got a dwi (.16) on base. Will I be charged by the civilian side as well?
State of NC. Repercussions?
Yes, almost certainly you will be charged on the civilian side. Normally, they issue you a ticket with a summons to...
I was the victim of a hit in run the driver was accused of dwi after the police caught him. what action do i take?
I was inside a pool hall when I was told my car was hit, and the person took off. The damage was quite extensive and when they caught the driver he was charged with dwi. What steps do I need to take to get the most out of this inconvenient situation?
You appear to have a property damage claim. If there is collision coverage on your vehicle, you can file a claim with...