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1st DUI under supervision, 2nd DUI license revoked
No, it is not true. If your license is revoked waiting never restores it. You must appear before the Secretary of...
my statements to the hearing office was inconsistent with my significant risk. Medical report was submitted but SOS needs opinion from physician if I am medically fit to operate a vehicle (did not state this on medical form) My lack of abuse symptoms is inconsistent with my classification lack of information on my most recent DUI arrest. My reported consumption prior to my arrests is inconsistent with having been arrested 3 times for dui And a federal national driver register (problem driver pointer system) discover that a DL in North Carolina was revoked and suspended for failure to appear. I've never lived or have had a NC DL what do I do? I can have another informal hearing...and according to SOS I do not need a BAID machine to operate a car or for reinstatement.
You should set up an appointment with an attorney that does reinstatement hearings. Bring your paperwork.
Single car auto accident, police showed up after parking and getting out(about 10 min after), person by where I parked brought me ice for my head, head injury, there camera was not on, gave them required info, requested medical-denied, then requested attorney-denied, then refused to answer. Was not allowed to leave(being detained), cop called dui cop, no Miranda rights, dui cop starts asking all the same things, told them I had 2 beers, this is what was recorded or should I say selectively recorded, only partial video, dui cop also turned his report in first as im assuming he coached other cop on what to say on his report. I had no problems taking the test however I did have problems with them denying me medical, denying my right to an attorney. Then I was charged with dui. WAS I WRONG.
these are all questions you need to speak to an IL licensed DUI defense attorney. Your attorney can get information...
So I have spent 8 months and lots of money getting the right to drive. I am an intern in Illinois and I just found out that because I am moving back to Missouri in a few months to finish school my RDP will be voided. I was told I would have to repeat the entire hearing process again. I feel broken and taken advantage of. Any advice?
There is a procedure for early reinstatement provided you are eligible or in other words have a probationary RDP.
I have had the BAIID for about a month. On one occasion I blew a .049 then an hour later blew a .031 then another hour later blew a .011. On another occasion I blew a .035, then a half hour later blew a .029, then waited a couple hours and blew 0.00. Also, on two other separate occasions I blew .031, but then did not try to blow again. Finally, on a couple of occasions I blew under .025 and started the vehicle. According how the violation rules read, none of these is a violation right? They were all under .05 and I have not had 10 or more failed attempts in a month. Will I receive a letter from the SOS? Will they consider any of these as violations, or will I simply get a letter asking for an explanation. Or will I not receive a letter?
you have an RDP and BAIID with moderate risk? That means you have only one DUI and refused the test or blew between .15...
I was convicted of a 3rd DUI in Boulder Co in April of 2005. I did an intensive rehab program and moved to Illinois when completed. I went through a complete assessment and formal re-instatement hearing and was granted a JDP in September 2011. I went in to be fully re-instated in 2012 and was informed by mail that due to 2 DWAI's in Colorado that I was revoked for lifetime. I need help, it has been since 2005 that I drank alcohol and desperately need my license back as I have a growing family and profession that requires it. I am willing to move to a different state, but don't know if that will help... I was told by legal council that I could travel to Colorado and seek representation for post conviction relief in each county, but it has been over 20 years and I don't know!?
As you've already hinted at, you will most likely need an attorney to help you with this. Most if not all states will...
I am in serious trouble, I am 41 years old and have been arrested for dui several times, all were very close to limit or below, blew 0.0 when i was 17 and they gave me dui for pot in my system (court supervision), .07 dui (not guilty) .010 dui (conviction (law was .010) .08 (law was .08, dropped to reckless driving probation currently on probation (will likely revoke and thats in Logan county). And now my 1st deserved dui .18 next court date 10/27/2014 and they will likely make it a felony, im a good person never hurt or stole, I work hard at a job been there for 6 years, I cant go to prison or even county, I just bought my 1st house contract for deed, put $10,000 down, I will lose it, I will lose everything, please help
Some lawyers do tend to specialize in DUI cases. You can often figure that out by doing an online search and reading...