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How can some one go to states attorney and file charge on me
How can someone file charges on me for calling there boss and telling them he was on drugs because I seen messages of him saying he was snorting cocaine Nd smoking crack and feared for people's life because of the type of job he has when called in for his drug screening he used fake urine and passed and didn't get in any trouble
"Someone" can't "file charges" against you. Here's how it works: Witnesses give information, police investigate and...
If I get a DUI expunged will the Statutory Summary Suspension also be expunged?
I am wanting to get a DUI that I was found not guilty on expunged and was wondering if the SSS will be expunged also?
If it was rescinded, it will be purged. If it wasn't, it's outside the reach of our expungement/sealing law.
Driving on RDP but would like to move out of state? Options?
My license was revoked in 2012 after a summary suspension and two felony DUI's that happened between 2010 and 2011. No crimes, clean record, and no longer drink anymore. Totally turned my life around and all the better for it. I was able to get it back in 2016 with an RDP. By this time I already was eligible for full reinstatement. However, the laws changed, and was required to have RDP for five years. I've been driving on an RDP for three months and will continue to drive on it. But I'd like to eventually move out of state within the next 2 - 3 years for other career opportunities. I know that I would have apply for out-of-state hearing, but is there a certain time frame I'd have to drive on the RDP in order to get an out-of-state for full reinstatement? Also, depending on the state that I move to; would I still have to fulfill the Illinois requirements in another state or would I be able to get fully licensed in that state?
Assuming that your "hard time' (revocation period) is actually completed, then If you're thinking of moving out of IL,...
Will I be charged? What will be my consequences and how may I mitigate it? (Illinois)
Last Saturday, I had fallen outside of a party at my college campus. Due to this fall, I had severely-cut my head. I had been drinking this night and was very intoxicated, my friends attempted to help me back to the dorms so I could wait out the night, however I was eventually caught by the police and was transported to the hospital via ambulance. I was held overnight and discharged in the morning after receiving 12 stitches, it is noted in my discharge papers that I was treated for head injury and alcohol intoxication. Throughout all of this, I did not take a breathalyzer test, blood test, or any sort of sobriety test, however I was acting intoxicated. From what I understand, my friends did not state I was intoxicated or had been drinking. The responding officer had told my father that I was not being charged, however, after stopping by the police station the next day voluntarily, I was informed that the police reports were passed onto the State's Attorney and it would be safe to assume that I would be charged with underage drinking. I'm extremely scared, and I have already started contacting attorneys. Is there anyway I can get these charges dropped or settled out-of-court?
If this is your first offense, it may well be possible to avoid a conviction. Speaking with an attorney is a very good...
How to get records of official pulled over for weaving but not arrested for DUI?
Our elected official was weaving erratically and one of our officers pulled him over. The officer was directed by command to not make a record of it but I am wondering if there might be some radio records of the stop even though he wasn't charged. And if so, what language can I use in a FOIA request to increase my chances of getting the records? I wish to gather a recall petition and am looking for anything that I can get my hands on to assist with this. (I changed the city but the state is the same. Our town is just too small and I don't want to be recognized, however, I doubt this is such an unusual scenario)
Ask the 911 center for that officer's MDT and radio traffic for that shift only.
I had a DUI in 1997 when I was 24. Will that show as a misdemeanor on my criminal record or is it traffic only?
I pled guilty & My license was suspended for a short time, completed everything required, paid a fine. The paperwork I had just said discharge upon payment. It was not on my motor vehicle report. I haven't been in any trouble since but am now suspected of stealing something from a friends house. Will that show up as a criminal conviction on police record?
It would have been a misdemeanor back then. Sounds like you may have received supervision which is not a conviction if...
What will happen driving truck with xanax in system?
Drove in truck blew breathalyzer and did piss test. Paid cop 300 not to go to jail. Had xanax in system not prescribed by doctor
Could be a peoblem if you have a CDL. I'm surprised he had you past 300 instead if 100 and your license. Once the test...