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Can a mayor get a dui
I offered my mayor a ride home just asking
Virtually anyone, in the right circumstances, can be charged with a crime.
What should I do?
I have a ri license and was caught w a oui in mass. Received a letter in the mail that my license is suspended in mass for 180 days immediately. My lawyer two weeks later scheduled a disposition two weeks later I received a 24 d program w dae classes for 16 weeks and a 45 day loss of license and now I just received a letter saying I have to serve the 180 days and then the 45 days after how can that be? My lawyer didn't mention anything about having to do the 180 days he only told me I have to serve the 45 days very confused?? Any help on what to do
Unfortunately, the RMV is correct. If you had taken the breathalyzer and failed, your 30-day suspension would expire...
Dui dismissed by the courts my insurance company is telling me to bring a paper from the court stating this to the rmv
dui dismissed by the courts my insurance company is telling me to get a paper from the court stating this and bring it to the rmv to have them remove the dui is this possible or it just more complicated then im being told?
Likely more complicated. Either speak with the attorney who represented you about this, or consult with a new one.
My son received a DUI in 2012 and it still is pending. Is this common to take so long to resolve.
He has had no previous offenses only speeding tickets that are from 2010. He did not take the breathalyzer test either.
A first offense OUI case usually does not take this long to resolve, either by way of trial or plea. There may be...
How do I reinstate my license?
I recently got charged with my first DUI and the court suspended my license for 45 days. They said that the rmv cAn suspend my license for longer. What is the longest the rmv can keep my license? And when I do go to reinstate my license what is the usual costs to reinstate? And what happens at the hearing I have to go to to reinstate my license?
How long the RMV suspends you license will depend on what else besides the OUI is on your driving record. You should...
Breathalyzer test refusal. When can I request a hardship license? Will a CWOF remain on my record? When will it be dismissed?
First offense OUI, breathalyzer refusal, did not know that my license was suspended and was rearrested for driving after suspension and resisting arrest. I was a traveling case manager and lost my job. I need to get a hardship license to work. When am I eligible to request this?
You need to plea and receive a 24 D disposition. Then go to the RMV and request a hardship. If you need help...
RMV Walk-in Hearing on License Suspension.
My license is to be suspended for 7 surchargeable events in 3 years. I know that RMV hearings in this case are limited only to instances where your record is in error. The earliest offense being counted towards this suspension is a surchareable accident. My car went off the road, nobody else was involved. This occurred on 7/16/09. I did not file a claim with my insurance company until early October because I first believed the damage would be less than my deductible. I filed a claim when I found out otherwise. The claim went through quickly and without issue. My "conviction date" with the RMV is not until 1/19/10, three months after the claim was completed. Is that gap between the claim being filed and the conviction date normal, or is it something I can argue at a hearing?
Have you considered also a request for a hardship license.