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What will happen with my DUI charge? What is the min and max sentence in Illinois for this charge?
I was charged with a DUI after a one vehicle accident. One person was killed and another seriously injured. My BAC was .16 per the Dr. Some reports are conflicting about who was driving but it was my truck. I was given a ticket for DUI and the box that said fatal was checked. This is my first DUI, but I have had charges of illegal transportation of alcohol by a minor. I am currently 23. Will i receive more charges? What should I expect to happen. I have finally gotten my life together and am really scared. I made a very poor decision and just don't know what to expect.
You need to refrain from further discussion online or with anyone in person but your attorney. You need a good DUI/...
Next month when i go to court for my DUI that i got on saturday should i ask for a permitt to drive on
I have a child full time and i need to take him to the doctor and stuff and i need to find a job so can i get a permitt for that. I haven't been in any trouble for maybe 6 years what do i do
Contact a knowledgeable DUI specialist in Illinois immediately. The administrative license suspension issues (tied to...
How to find DUI records
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...
DUI advice
I was pulled over on us rt. 41 northbound by park west (it goes down to 40 mph) I was pulled over for speeding (clocked me at 74 mph). Did some field sobriety tests and blew 0.081 and was taken to the station. I was polite and admired to drinking one blue moon and at the station I blew a 0.071. Why did they check the box to suspend my license? And what are the chances I can beat this case?
I wouldn't feel comfortable giving you odds on "beating" the case without more information. Based on what you have...
I had a DUI and a driving on a suspended license charge. I was told a DUI is not eligible for a sealing.
I think the driving on a suspended license charge is eligible. Both charges have the same case number. Is it possible to request to seal just the driving on a suspended license charge?
You are probably mistaken. Each charge should have its own docket or case number although the numbers will be...
DUI IN TAXES, Illinois resident
I am an IL resident. I had a DUI in IL almost 3 years ago which I was not convicted with. I got supervision. Almost a year ago I was pulled over in TX for driving under the influence. My BAC level was 0.15. The charges are still pending. I was wondering if I can bring that case to IL the state of my residence and have an IL lawyer to represent me instead of going back and forth to TX. Also, I had to install an ignition interlock device in Denton County, TX as a requirement of bond. Will my DUI from IL that got reduced to supervision be treated as a first DUI in TX and then a DUI from Taxes considered as a 2nd DUI. I have an attorney in TX but don't rely on him. Is there any way to bring that case to the state of IL? Or is it better to be held in TX?
In a word, no. Two different sovereigns and two different laws. Get chummy with your Texas lawyer.
Is dui supervision less likely after a bench trial?
I am wondering if getting the option of supervision is less likely after taking case to bench trial? I interviewed many lawyers and they all seemed to want to take it to trial. I have arraingment soon. My parents seem to think I should just try to get supervision and I somewhat agree if a bench trial means risking a dui conviction even more. I am wondering if taking it to trial is a bigger risk of getting convicted rather than supervision if we were to lose at trial? One more question is does the attorney still negotiate sentence if we lost at a bench trial? My case is with dupage states attorney which I understand is the toughest, although I have a very good dupage dui lawyer and blew under .08 Thank you for your answers!
You bring up a very interesting point, but you have an attorney already and should rely only upon the advice of your...