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Would my attorney have a copy of all the charges I got for a DUI?
I received a DUI. I had friends in the vehicle with me and I had a bottle of whiskey in the truck as well. The officer took it for evidence but I think he said he forgot to write it down. I gave my parents the money and they said they'd take care of it since I'm in school. I never told my parents I had friends in the truck with me or that I had whiskey with me. I am underage and blew a .5. Would my attorney know about a possession charge even if I didn't tell them?
Your attorney will know. This question needs to be addressed to your lawyer if you are in fact represented. As a...
How can I get a DUI removed after it's been 3 years?
I'm in the military but a few years ago I was with friends and we had been doing some light drinking but I failed the alcohol breathalizer but I am trying to go active duty and i need this off my record before i can, what are my options?
Not this soon (3 years), unfortunately. However, depending on the facts and whether you meet the eligibility criteria...
Will juvenile probation officers test for nicotine?
I quit smoking last week, but I took up the habit of dipping in its place. I will get off probation on December 3rd. I want to know if they do a big everything test before I get off. Extra info: I'm 15, from Madison ms, and was charged with malicious mischief and burglary. Please help thanks.
No way to guess ask them or your lawyer.........................................................
Visa revocation for non-immigrant with DUI arrest
I have a TPS with EAD and it is time for my extension. I was arrested for DUI in jan 2013 but I still have my case pending on court. I got the TPS apporved on end of 2015. I explained the pending case of my DUI arrest with required documents to get my TPS approved on dec 2015 to the USCIS. Now, on feb 2016, this new law of revocation of visa for non-immigrant with DUI arrest is scary. Will that affect my TPS renewal process. Will this affect me if I file green card throuh my US citizen wife next year?
Your question is too complex to be answered properly on an online forum like Avvo. Your situation and the state of the...
Will my fiancé be able to go to rehab for violating his probation due to a dui?
My fiancé was arrested last month for his 4th Dui. He was also already on felony probation for his previous dui. Since being incarcerated I have managed to get him accepted Into a rehab if the judge allows. I have also gathered his medical records and attendance from the time he got off of house arrest last year until he got arrested proving that he has been trying to help himself by checking into a mental facility, attending AA meetings, going to see a therapist etc.
Perhaps, no way to know what the judge will do ask his Attorney.
How should I plea and what is the typical sentencing for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance
When check at a roadblock I was found with paraphernalia, residue of crystal methamphetamine ,and was given also a DWI and my license were suspended. I spent one night in jail and had to bond out for $450 the next morning
You need to retain an attorney for these charges. The DUI is one of the most serious misdemeanors in Mississippi
Should I try and get a lawyer or take the easy way out for 1st offense non ajudication dui?
I was leaving a bar. I got pulled over for running a stop sign. I gave my license and insurance the officer asked me to step out to do test because he felt I was driving while impaired. We went back and fourth for about 15 mins because I felt it was a cheap shot pulling me over for a stop sign no one stops at or the cars in front of me didn't. I never refused to take the test but I guess I talked myself into getting arrested for the dui. Basically he said you know what your under arrest. I honestly didn't not resist arrest but as there were two cops there when my hands were being placed behind my back, one cop raised his voice yelling quit resisting arrest, he then grabbed my hair and tried shoving my head down and the other cop who was placing cuffs on me hit me twice in my ribs. At the station I drank water a few times waiting for the cop to get done writing his tickets on me or report while the booking guy asked me information then I took the test. I blew a .09. I was never observed for 15-20 mins. I drank water 2-3 times at the water fountain. This was all about an hour after I got stopped. Is this worth trying to fight and get a lawyer?
Obviously it is your decision whether or not you decide to hire an attorney. There were some changes to the non-...