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My nephew got his 3rd DWI driving my minivan, and my van is said to be forfeited, i am handicapped how do i get it back?
my Nephew was driving my van without a liceance (unknown to me) and got his 3rd DWI my van was impounded and told to be forfeited, its been two days and the arresting officer still has not gotten back to me on how to get van back. The deputy answering phone said they had to interview me about letting him use my vehicle, also mentioning i may get fined and may have to go to court in 30 days to try and get my van back. Now I desperately need my vehicle I am handicapped and have a major surgery coming up in days with quite a few dr. appts in these weeks between I have no one else that can take me, I live on a limited income and i am still paying for my vehicle i can not afford to get another and still pay for my van please i need help and dont know what to do.
That sucks, don't expect the police to help. You need a lawyer. The cops couldn't care less.
I was charged for felony DUI & Test refusal and was not the inital driver of my vehicle. The police reports are also conflicting
I was a passenger in my own vehicle when a citizen reported my car swaying in the lane. The driver turned into a McDonald's restaraunt and I took over the driver side to see the menu and order. Just then I looked in the rear view mirror and the red lights were on us. I was told to pull over to the side and me and the driver switched seats again. I was charged as the driver going all over the road and failed my field sobriety test. After reading the police reports from three separate officers, the reports have conflicting information about who was actually behind the wheel at the time of the stop. Also I was on seroquel which is a strong anti-pychotic medication. I did not do the intoxilizer. Does it sound like I may have a chance to fight this?
Although Avvo is an excellent resource, this question is far more complex than this cite is designed for. In Minnesota...
Can you beat A DUI charge if no blood test or breathalyzer was taken?
The officer had stated that I refused to take a breathalyzer but that was a LIEEEEEEE! I did NOT refuse. The officer NEVER asked me to do anything but get out of my vehicle. He knew that I was under the influence so I think he figured he didn't have to take a breathalyzer (that's illegal) But I DID NOT REFUSE! As soon as I got to jail they asked me to take a breathalyzer and I DID! Now I'm suspended from driving. This isn't fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so hopeless. Im extremely confused & hurt by this situation.
You need to get an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you because no officer would refuse to get a Blood or...
What kind of sentencing can I expect for a first time DWI with no prior violations- BAC was a .16?
I just got my first DWI. I wasn't pulled over or anything, I actually went in the ditch because I grabbed for my phone (stupid). I had gotten out of my car to call my boyfriend and look to see if there was damage or anything...that's when the police showed up. I was given the field/sobriety tests, then the breathalyzer. I was placed under arrest. I'm also diabetic. After taking the 2nd breathalyzer at the police station, that being .16 I was told my license would be revoked for 1 year and some other things, which I don't all remember because I was so upset. My blood sugar at the time was 286. I also was taking Prednisone, which raises my blood sugar. Would the diabetes or being on Prednisone have any impact on the BAC reading?? Thanks for any help with this. I'm not knowing what to expect and am not getting any answers from my PD.
It's impossible the say what the consequences could be for the criminal charge. The .16 alcohol concentration makes it...
What are the chances of getting a DWI off your record when accused of a DWI with BAC of .16 ?
Was pulled for a swerve and blew a .16 after having taken but not failing the initial field tests. Was brought to jail for the night.
Slim without an experienced attorney. Give some a call. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the page...
Can I get license back?if I don't do interlock.
My license was suspended for 6 years,and I don't want to do interlock
Not if it's a condition to get your license back. Why would anyone do interlock if they didn't have to?
Is there anyway I can minimize the consequences of my dwi?
There was somebody that called me in to the police. I was sitting in my friends parking lot at his house. The officer never saw me driving, he just rolled up as I was sitting in the car with the keys out of the ignition. He breathalyzed me and arrested me for a dwi without saying the Miranda rights.
Obviously, hiring an attorney is best thing you can do. Perhaps, you have defenses or factors that may minimize the...