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My son got a DUI 2 years ago. wants to terminate probation wha does he need to file to see a judge
he has no issues since the dui and is now a very functional young adult but wants to clear this so he can move forward with his compary out of the country
A 1203.3 motion and a 1203.4 motion for dismissal after the 1203.3 motion is granted. He will have to show a hardship...
Need explanation of DUI court results
I was stopped, cited for DUI, appeared in court. Please explain these results. 1) Suspends imposition of sentence & grants conditional probation. Term: 3 years from date of this order. Q: Is this considered a conviction in the minds of DMV? This 3 years refers to the probation, right? Under "DUI/Drivers License Conditions" part of court decision, Box A was checked: "Shall not drive unless licensed & insured & no alcohol in body. Also D, must enroll in 9 months CORR program." Can DMV arbitrarily change this order to 18 months, or is 18 months required by DMV in order to get the restricted license (I had a zero tolerance infraction DUI at age 19, I'm 23 now)? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS PART. I need to get a restricted license for school. Where do I stand with all this?
Penal Code section 1237 says that an order granting probation is a conviction. That will be true for the DMV as well...
Do California Sheriff's record the reason for being pulled over?
I was pulled over around 230am a couple Saturdays ago and the reason the sheriff gave me was that I was "taking the corner fast". He smelt alcohol on my breath, and I ended up getting a dui. Are they required to record the reason for initially pulling me over? Taking a corner fast does not seem like probable cause, but I don't know if it's just entered as "traffic stop" in every report. Is there any way of proving this in court? Thank you for any information. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.
The police report should state the reason for the stop. Under Mercer v. DMV, the officer may not make a traffic stop...
After I was arrested for dui the officer lost my license and registration, does this have any affects on my case
It was found by a jogger and returned to me
I don't see how a jogger finding your license have any relevance to an incident that happened separately, at a...
My son has 4 dui. He has informal probation. Can he finish this and his CoRR madated by DMV in another state?
4 dui. 18 month of CoRR to get his license back per DMV. $LOTS in fines that are at the FTB. He has a bad track record. He has about 4 months of CoRR behind him. He has missed a few. he wants to take a leave and go to another state for a job. He has been offered a job here with the same pay. He wants either a temporary leave or to finish in another state. This would mean he would need to modify his probation. Can he do this? Provided he gets the job of course..
This is possible, though unlikely. It almost surely won't happen without an attorney. In no case will the state or...
How do I get my fines pulled from FTB back into the court clerks office?
I have almost $7000 in fines from 4 cases that have all gone to GC services then on to the FTB. In 2010 I plead to the latest case, all fines were consolidated and I served my term. Upon release the judge instructed me to wait on paying my fines until DUI class was paid, psychologist was paid and rehab was completed. in 2012 I get notice that the FTB has taken over my cases and there is a FTP hold on my license. The Nevada County Court Clerks office says that I am ineligible to see the judge to request having these fines pulled back and converted to community service or even to submit a FTP packet, stating what and why my situation is the way it is, for review. I have poured through the "rule book" for this county and cannot find anything that says I cannot appear for this request.
If the cases arose out of NV, you should post this in a Nevada section of CA attorneys won't be able to help...
Isn't there a statute of limitations on prosecuting a DUI charge?
In 1998 I was charged with a DUI in CA. I went to court and thought it was taken care of. I have lived in UT since 2000. I just tried to renew my UT drivers license (which I've renewed 2x in the last 7 yrs) and now I can't because there is some type of hold on my license from the CA DUI.
You may have handled the court but not handled all the DMV issues associated with your DUI. I would want to get more...