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How long does the DA or courts have to file or make a case against him? its been 3 months can he file a motion to dismiss this?
my husband got a Dui in truckee and when he went to court they couldn't find him in there system. they told him to contact auburn ca but he's not in there system ether,both courts are now saying he needs to try and contact the DA.
Truckee is in Nevada County, so why they told him to contact Auburn is a mystery.. If you can't find the information...
Why do I need to contact DA in auburn when I caught my dui in truckee, are there motions to file for a dismissal in this case?
I got pulled over an arrested in truckee ca for a DUI, an was O.R. an told to return 30 days later for court. but when I showed up I was no where in there system no records would even indicate I was ever in there jail system. after some time they find out that i needed to be contacted by the D.A. in Auburn CA, I haven't heard anything since. my probation officer is also looking into the situation, which he says he sees the arrest but no court date of any kind he said its really weird he never seen anything like this.
Truckee is in Nevada County. Auburn is the county seat of Placer County. But, since the courthouse in Auburn is an...
Do California Sheriff's record the reason for being pulled over?
I was pulled over around 230am a couple Saturdays ago and the reason the sheriff gave me was that I was "taking the corner fast". He smelt alcohol on my breath, and I ended up getting a dui. Are they required to record the reason for initially pulling me over? Taking a corner fast does not seem like probable cause, but I don't know if it's just entered as "traffic stop" in every report. Is there any way of proving this in court? Thank you for any information. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.
The police report should state the reason for the stop. Under Mercer v. DMV, the officer may not make a traffic stop...
After I was arrested for dui the officer lost my license and registration, does this have any affects on my case
It was found by a jogger and returned to me
I don't see how a jogger finding your license have any relevance to an incident that happened separately, at a...
I Just got charged with A Drunk in Public while trying to make it home by a taxi cab. What are the penalties?
I have had a DUI charge and possession of weed charge In Nevada County, both misdemeanors about 5 years prior to this, as The Marijuana charge was Dismissed. The DIP was in Mono County. I spent 12 hours in the mono county jail and had a bad experience with the cops as I was Inebriated, However, I was not a threat to myself or others while trying to get a ride home from the Taxi Driver.
Penalties for DIP include informal probation, up to six months in jail, and fine up to $1000. Good luck to you.
Isn't there a statute of limitations on prosecuting a DUI charge?
In 1998 I was charged with a DUI in CA. I went to court and thought it was taken care of. I have lived in UT since 2000. I just tried to renew my UT drivers license (which I've renewed 2x in the last 7 yrs) and now I can't because there is some type of hold on my license from the CA DUI.
You may have handled the court but not handled all the DMV issues associated with your DUI. I would want to get more...
Hello, i had DUI in 2003 now i win in green card lottery will it have any influence on my cances to get visa?
Hello, i had DUI in 2003 now i win in green card lottery will it have any influence on my cances to get visa?
You need to consult with an immigration attorney.