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What happens if I don't complete diversion?
I received a dui (.07) and I took the diversion program. I didn't complete everything and plan to go turn myself in in a few months. This happened in oregon and I currently live in michigan. I would just like to know what to expect when I go to court as far as jail time and if they will pull my lisence? This is going to be very costly to fly out and would just like to know about how long I will have to sit in jail. Thanks so much
There's no way to give an adequate answer to this question without more details. Many attorneys, such as myself, would...
How long can the DMV require I do a DUI class.
DUI 10 yrs ago. Never did DUI class. Moved from CA. To Oregon. Want license.
Short answer: 15 years. For folks looking to reinstate their driving privileges: DMV’s rules require proof of...
Greencard, First DUI. Is there a chance of deportation because of first DUI?
I am a green card holder. Got arrested for DUI on Oct 21st 2016. Granted with Diversion in November 2016. I am undergoing treatment programs. I am sure that I will successfully complete my Diversion program. My license will be reinstated from next week. I dont have any past convictions of DUI or any other crime. Will ICE arrest me? This is the biggest mistake I made in my life. Can any one clarify if I would have any immigration consequences because of the DUI arrest?
You need to consult with an immigration attorney immediately. They offer free consults. Good luck.
How do I get fines for a DUI lowered?
In 2012 I got a DUI and now I am trying to take care of it. The courts gave me two ticket numbers and when I looked them up it says I owe 6,089 dollars combined. I need to pay this before I can get my license reinstated. I no longer live in the state and I am wondering if there is a way to get these debts lowered as I can not afford it.
A fine is a court order not a civil debt. You probably cannot get them reduced.
Am i able to get a cdl with two prior dui convictions that ocured with a class c 2008 20013? I have never had a cdl
I want to get my oregon cdl and have two prior duis 2008 20013 I have never had a cdl before would these duis stop me from getting my cdl?
This is not a criminal defense question at all, it is about getting a cdl license. If you want to find out for sure,...
Will Oregon suspend you if you get a dui in another state
I received a dui in Utah and I live in Oregon. Do I automatically lose my driving privileges in Oregon?
Generally states share information regarding licenses whether professional licenses or driving licenses. If you have a...
Nice car, don't want IID in it. - Oregon
So I own a a nice, brand new, EXPENSIVE, performance car. I learned today that an IID can harm your vehicles computers and modules. I don't even want to take a chance on that. Would you? I am wondering if I can just buy a cheap car to drive around for the duration that the IID is supposed to be in. Will I have to get the IID installed in my brand new car that I wont be driving even if I buy a cheap car to get around in for the time being?
Under most circumstances you need to install an IID in any car you drive other than one covered by the employer...