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Can I get a DUI in Ohio expunged?
Case is from 8/1996 in Ohio.
You will probably have more success in finding help if you post this question in Ohio, rather than WI. Many states...
CDL eligibility after multiple OWI,DUI
I have never had a cdl , I have three DUI's one in 2012 and two in 2014. It was a bad time in my life and I have then been much more responsible. On the rare occasion if I drink I dont drive period. I dont question how many drinks or how long, its anything and no driving. I am running a successfull construction business but need a cdl to transport my equipment legally. Wisconsin says 3 major violations result in a lifetime cdl ban, even if you were in a passanger car. I didnt have a cdl, does this disqualify me from ever getting one? Expungment is out of the question , wisconsin does not do that. The law is unclear if the driver has never had a cdl to begin with.
The federal regulations are not unclear. § 383.51 ("Disqualification of drivers. (a) General. (1) A person required...
Per a DUI court order on 22nd June , my license is revoked for 6 months. Could I appeal to court to reduce now ?
My DL is revoked for 6 months by a court Order on 22nd June. Not able to get a limited/occupational driving license in my residential state for an entry in national registry by Wis DMV. Could I still appeal to court to clear so that I get an limited license?
Whether there is some way for you to get a license in your home state is a question that must be answered by a lawyer...
While under arrest and taken to a hospital can a doctor force medical care on you?
I was arrested for DWI and taken to a hospital, after a brief loss of consciousness, secondary to low blood sugar levels. I was awake, alert and responsive when I arrived at the ER. I refused medical care yet the doctor ordered me held down for a blood draw and catheterization. The arresting officer told the doctor it was a first offense and he had no need for a blood test and there was no warrant issued for a blood draw. Being a Registered Nurse I told the doctor I knew what had happened, low blood sugar, and that I did not want any medical care. My struggle to stop the unwanted medical care resulted in my being charged with a misdemeanor. Was it legal for the doctor to do this?
I practice criminal law and not civil law, so I will analyze your fact situation from my viewpoint. If a judge did not...
Application for MN limited license rejected because of a national registry entry by Wisconsin.What to do?
I have a MN License. My driving privilege revoked by Wis DMV for 6 months. MN DMV revoked for 30 days. Still not able to get limited license in MN for a national registry entry by Wisconsin. Per Wisconsin DMV, the clearance will be given after 6 months. Seems , till then I'll be not able to drive even though MN revoked it only for 30 days. What to do next ?
If this happened on June 22, you could possibly get the case reopened. Whether that will help you or not is a separate...
How can I go about being able to drive without an IID?
I have an interlock in my car. Unfortunately my starter has gone out and I don't have the money to fix it due to just putting in a new clutch. Friends have vehicles I can borrow so I can work and save money, but they are not mine so they don't have an IID.
You will be taking a big chance if you choose to drive a car without the IID. You are not the only person with money...
If I got a DUI in Illinois but am a Wisconsin resident, can I still drive in Wisconsin?
I'm supposed to have my license suspended for 6 months for a DUI I got in IL as of 6/16/16 which was 3 days ago. I contacted the WI DMV and they said my license is still valid until IL reports the conviction to WI. But I thought Wisconsin wasn't part of the driving compact? So can I just pay to get my driving privileges in IL reinstated after the 6 months and just not drive in IL until then? Will I need to follow any process in WI to keep driving? I'm in the process of applying for the BAIID that IL requires but I don't want to start payments until I know I absolutely need it.
I'm going to change your practice area from Government to DUI/DWI in the hopes you get more responses from DWI...