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Does cherokee county Georgia use an etg test for dui probation?
I'm on probation for dui and I was wondering if they use etg testing for random drug screenings as well as the five panel?
The last client I had in Cherokee had those tests.
Can I take prescribed pain med while probation an being tested for alcohol and drugs
DUI convicted
Yes, IF you first clear it with your P.O. and judge, to be sure the med won't register a false positive on your...
Im on probation for a first offense dui can i still carry a gun?
I have got a dui and currently on probation
It's depends on the terms of your probation, but generally speaking, as first offense DUIs are misdemeanors, you should...
What can be done about a alcohol counselor refusing a treatment completion letter? after clearly being complete.
I completed/graduated the Dui court program. I completed all of the required counseling. My counselor now refuses to give me my letter of completion of counseling that I need to present to the dmv to acquire a driving permit. Surely this is illegal? what can be done about this? Its costing me a lot of time and money. Is this something I should look into a lawsuit about?
Talk to the defense attorney representative on the DUI court team. He or she may have a copy of your completion letter...
What are the odds of a rehabilitation center being an option after a termination from drug court
My fiance was terminated from drug court and she had previously asked to enter a rehabilitation center because she did not feel she could get clean through drug court would the judge allow her to enter a rehab instead of sending her back to prison
Unlikely. You are basically asking the judge to agree that the court program isn't good enough but this other program...
2 court dates and 4 charges
I've got court on the 18th for marijuana possession under 1 ounce and I've got court on the 20th for dui under 21, underage possession of alcohol, and speeding. on the marijuana charge I went to court in January and couldn't pass a drug test so they gave me till April but I got arrested for dui 2 days ago and bonded out 12 hours later. my question is how should I go about this and what will most likely be the outcome.
You should hire a lawyer to represent you. One lawyer should do for both charges but it should be someone who...
What actions are taken for your failed drug test while on probation?
I tested on the 18th and am concerned about the results on the drug test. Being that I'm a full time college student and manager I'm very concerned about the outcome if it's failed. Is there away to avoid jail?
One might say that your concern is misplaced. Probation is opportunity for one to demonstrate by your actions that you...