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What happens if I don't complete diversion?
I received a dui (.07) and I took the diversion program. I didn't complete everything and plan to go turn myself in in a few months. This happened in oregon and I currently live in michigan. I would just like to know what to expect when I go to court as far as jail time and if they will pull my lisence? This is going to be very costly to fly out and would just like to know about how long I will have to sit in jail. Thanks so much
There's no way to give an adequate answer to this question without more details. Many attorneys, such as myself, would...
What are my chances of taking my dui charge to trial And winning!
I have adhd & take medication perscribed by my doctor I never miss use it! I gave a urine test to prove it! I have been taking the medication for years & never had any problems accidents I was pulled over for doing a u turn! It happened in a town I was visiting for the fist time
You should not go to court on a DUI charge without an experienced DUI lawyer representing you regardless of your...
I want to apply for hardship in Oregon over a DUII but I still have my Washington license. My license may be suspended in 5 days
I live and work in Oregon though I still have my Washington license. I recently got a DUII (5 days ago) and want to apply for hardship but the whole process seems in possible. I drive 15 miles to work 5 days a week. I've read all the info that will not let me get hardship in Oregon (because you need an Oregon license) though I still have 5 days until my license may be suspended. Should I just go into the Oregon DMV tomorrow and take the test and get the Oregon license (since my license hasn't been officially suspended yet) so I could apply for hardship? Or will they not see that as valid when I apply for hardship? Thanks for any help!!
You can certainly give it a try. If you live in Oregon you should have an Oregon license anyway. The best idea, by far,...
How can I stop a suspended license for a pre-trail? I did not know that it was suspended and I have diversion from DUI.
I got a DUI in April and I never got a letter or anything stating that I was suspended and I'm also Deaf. The police never read the paper out to me saying that I would be suspended.
It is a defense to a dws that you never received notice of an intent to suspend or notice that your license was...
What happens with 3rd dui when the 2 previous dui were 14 years ago?
Does the look back period apply, in this case 14 years, on 3rd dui?
If convicted you're looking at a Lifetime License Revocation, see here:
Breathalyzer: My car needed to be worked on during and emergency and the battery got disconnected? Any issues there?
During a road trip our car started to run into problems. We parked the car as soon as we could and started to investigate the issue. During the troubleshooting, we had to disconnect the battery to only find out later on that this will be recorded as a failure to pass a test since the device detected a key in the ignition. We were able to get the car fixed and drive it after a couple of hrs. What are the implications if any?
First, changing this from lemon law to DUI so someone in that field responds. Secondly, if you already have a DUI...
Can I obtain a Oregon conceal handgun license with a juvenile marijuana charge?
trying to obtain a conceal handgun license in Oregon and the sheriffs dept. may refuse my application because of a marijuana charge from 8th grade. I am now 21 and been several years since that incident. can they refuse my application for that charge? other than that my record is clean.
You can possibly ask the sheriff in your county what the requirements/impediments are to acquire a conceal/carry. I did...