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Got caught trying to use a fake ID in PA, how likely is a license suspension?
Less than a week after my 18th birthday, I was using a fake ID to buy beer. To make a long story short, the employee called the police, I left while he had my ID, and the police called my house informing me charges will be filed and i'll receive a court date in the mail. I called the officer that night and he said im being charged with attempting to purchase a brewed beverage with false identification while under the age of 21. It looks like a floating fine from 0-$500, 0-90 day license suspension, 0-90 days in jail. How likely is a license suspension and what could a lawyer do for me to make my situation better? To make matters worse, I was technically on juvenile probation at the time. I had 6 months supervised and 6 months unsupervised for possession of paraphernalia. I received a consent decree for this and was past my 6 months of supervised of probation but it hasn't been expunged yet. Will the charge for the fake ID affect this or vice versa?
If convicted, you will get a license suspension. Your bigger problem might be the probation violation. Contact a local...
Prior record and just received a public intoxication or drunkeness
Had 2 dui 6 years ago, was going strong until I messed up again, been going to AA meetings and staying away from the bottle what are the outcomes towards my trial that in a week,
A public intoxication charge is a summary. Likely outcome if you lose at trial is a fine. You might be able to get an...
I really have no money to pay for ard or dui fine that is given to me
Got pulled over due to police stating I ran a red light which i know I didnt do. I wasnt intoxicated my breath test came out normal but blood test came out with a over the counter med that not for me i took two days before due to anxiety attack i had which i get very badly. So now I have a hard time affording rent that i only pay $400 and i had fractured 2 lumbars in my spine that prevent me from working or lifting. I dont know what to do I dont want to go to jail i would rather do community service in my area but at the same time how can i get that dui out when one i didnt run a red light and two i only took meds for anxiety attack that had me on the ground holding myself with very little breathing. If i ask fr proof of me running light and they dont have vieo there at that time can i ask for it to be exsponged due to lack of evidence???
Go to the public defender's office on the county that you are charged.
My first dui was in 1999, I did my time My 2nd dui was in 2003, I maxed my case out, without the privilege of probation
It's been over 14yrs, there should be some leeway
Leeway for what? .
I was on probation for my second dui. I served five months of house arrest and had four years left on probation. I got a third s
I hit a building on feb 20th i have two babies and no family or friends to care for them
This will be your 3rd DUI. If your BAC is over .16 or was for controlled substances, you could face one year in state...
How do i get a 1650 wavier package
7 years ago I got a DUI in California. i was visting from canada. I now am trying to move to the USA Pa. and I can not get a Penn license because of the DUI 7 years ago. I was told to get a 1650 package
The 1650 waiver packet is for lifting California DMV holds related to the failure to complete a DMV-approved alcohol...
I want to apply for my citizenship. Will dui first offense will I be affected
I was arrested for dui in Pennsylvania which I have been enrolled for ARD programme
To apply for Naturalization, you need to establish that you are of "Good Moral Character." Clearly, if this is a first...