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Does voluntary completion of alcohol assessment + driver safety school after owi citation count if completed before court order
I received first owi citation 10.04.14. I completed voluntary alcohol assessment 11.01.2014 and driver safety school 12.14.14. Yesterday I received court order in mail to have alcohol assessment and attend driver safety plan. Does the assessment and driver safety plan completed before court order count to satisfy court order?
Generally, yes. You should contact the organization named in the order and explain the situation to them.
Will their be any sign bond, if please Not guilty on my first court appearance date, when I charged for 2nd DUI , 0.18 BAC level
As many already advised, am trying to get an attorney by myself. However I am financially not ready yet, so would like to know, will I get any signature bond like bracelet or fine or breath pump etc., as signature bond? if I represent myself alone and plead not guilty , so I get sometime to hire someone, before the next court date they provide.
In most jurisdictions, you would receive a signature bond, provided you do not have any significant criminal history...
3rd offense OWI last offense was 12 years ago. Does look back apply? I realize it was be a third. Just curious about sentencing
3rd offense OWI last offense was 12 years ago. Does look back apply? I realize it was be a third. Just curious about sentencing. Can't afford to lose my job....bad mistake
Most judges will consider all lifetime convictions.
I was charged with dui while walking. my ex and his friend said i drove. the two statements from them don't match.
what are my chances of beating this? now the ex is saying he called the da and said i was intimidating him. went to the police for him harrassing me but they will do nothing. says he will continue making up lies until i come back to him.
While you may have defenses based on your statements in your question, it is too hard to tell what is really going on....
What can I do?
I got convicted of 2nd offense owi with causing bodily harm I have a lawsuit against me for 43 thousand dollars I had set up 2 payment plans on it in the past but due to financial problems I had to I want to set up another payment plan but they say I gotta have ten percent down and high monthly payments I only make 12 bucks an hour and I pay child support for two kids I can't get my drivers license back unless I make payments to them I need advice please
You sound like you need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney.
Is there anyway I can get my ticket reduced so I do not get my license suspended?
I had three drinks from 6-9 pm and stopped because I had to take friends home. We left at around 10 and it was only a two minute drive from one dorm to the other. I accidentally went the wrong way on a one way and was pulled over for that. The cop could smell alcohol so I was honest and told him I had been drinking so he put me thorough field tests, which as far as I know I passed. He put me under arrest and took me back to the station to take a breath test which I blew a .06. I was given a violation against the absolute sobriety law and have a court date in June.
If it is a violation of s. 346.63(2m) the 90 day suspension is mandatory upon conviction, so the only way to avoid it...
Do I have to pay the ticket?
I lost my CDL do to an owi... My employer knew and still made me drive vehicles that require a CDL .I got a ticket while working for driving without a CDL. Is this on him or me?
Actually, it is on both. He may face separate criminal penalties.