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How difficult and how long?
Which state is it easier to obtain a license after a dwi in NY state? Tennessee or Georgia?
Attorney from one state can't typically speak to DWI rules of other states. Here's my suggestion: Post your question...
I got a passport card AFTER a dui. Does that mean I can travel to Canada from New York ? I was issued a license no restriction
DUI in Florida Took all my classes paid restitution issued a license without restrictions no special insurance obtained passport card 16 months after. Can I travel? I now live in New York
My understanding is that Canada will not let you enter or stay if you have been convicted of a DUI. The decision is up...
How can I clear an incorrect NYS license infraction?
I received a traffic ticket in June 2014 for DUI which was later reduced in court to a non moving violation. NYS has still assessed me a driver responsibility fee for the next 3 years. Is there a way to clear this up with the DMV? I was NOT convicted of DUI, but still need to pay the driver responsibility fee? I'm thinking that maybe the proper paperwork was not filed at all, or on time by my lawyer with the DMV. Can anyone assist?
If you were represented I would first suggest that you speak with the attorney that represented you. Most likely you...
My ex wife is living with a man convicted of 3 Duis, at least 2 felonies. Today he was arrested for possession of a firearm.
What are the legal ramifications of having a firearm while on probation? We have split custody and my son witnessed the event. Would CPS be able to step in?
The consequence of committing a crime while on probation is that he could be violated and a sentence of prison imposed....
I had my conditional license revoked from being dropped from DDP. If I re-enroll in the class and complete it can I get it back?
I'm confused because I thought DDP could be completed at any time during a license suspension and having a conditional license. If I am violating my conditional discharged but re-enroll in the program and complete it am I allowed to get that conditional license back? I am also 20 and turn 21 in December of 2015 if that makes any difference.
I am not licensed in New York state, so I would defer to the answer of an experienced DUI attorney licensed in New York....
Have a conditional license, was dropped from DDP. Under 21, what happens now after it has been revoked?
I understand my license has been revoked because I was dropped from the DDP class. What happens now in order to get it back? Also will I have to go to court for this?
I am not licensed in NY, so I would defer to what an experienced DUI attorney licensed in NY says, but I think you will...
Can you put me in touch with a lawyer who can help me get my drivers license back?
Revocation/ suspension in MD, VA, SC, FL NY & DC. All but SC. are DUI/ DWI related. II also have warrants in MD & FL. for probation violations. I need an attorney who can work with these problems at a reasonable cost. I am a 58 yr old man who needs to get back into my life.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You can search for a criminal defense attorney on Avvo based on your location....