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I got a 3 yr diversion for DUI and wanton endangerment, 1 1/2 years into it, I got a 2 nd DUI. THE Judge gave me 14 day
Parole officer filed a violation. Can I get more time added I have to serve time after having my baby. Recently found out I was pregnant. Help!
Your question is a little unclear. If the 14 days was for the 2nd DUI, not the violation, then yes, you could get more...
I was arrested for a DUI what happens when your blood screen results are negative?
I showed no HGN but because I didn't pass the FST the officer arrested me. I am almost 60 yrs old. I have arthritis bad enough I have trouble walking a lot of the time. It was almost 1:30am and I was in an unfamiliar town looking for the AT&T store where my boyfriend had left his truck. I was driving really slow looking for the building and the officer said I crossed the center line twice and then crossed the white line. I thought after he learned of my perplexed situation he would help me instead he saw an opportunity to arrest me. He told me I was "impaired" because I couldn't pass his Test. My eyes were fine and my speech was fine. And I know my blood test has to be negative. What are they going to do with me? I have never been so humiliated and insulted in my life.
No alcohol and no drugs in your system? The case should be dropped.
Had my license taken for a year from getting pulled over 2 times within 5 years with no insurance. Received my license back in
2012 and just got pulled over this month (jan 2013). Does the 5 year cycle not start over? Because I just received a letter stating that my license is suspended again for a year.
Here is the KY statute: § 304.99-060. Penalties for violation of Subtitle 39 - Reduction of penalty. Kentucky...
Can I still be charged with a second offense DUI in TN if my first DUI was in KY and will be dropped off before i'm convicted?
I was charged almost a year ago of a second offense DUI in TN but my first DUI was in KY and will b dropped off before I am convicted can they still convict me in TN if my first DUI is dropped off my record?
Although I don't practice in TN and their law may be slightly different, the answer to your question is almost...
If a social worker tells you to take a drug test and that it cost $15? Who is responsible for paying the $15 you or them?
A social worker knocked on my door and told me that someone called and said that I was using cocaine. They said I was selling my food stamps in order to buy cocaine. They told me that I need to take the drug test to prove that I'm not on cocaine and that it cost $15 and that I have to pay that. I told them that I do not have $15 right now, and they said that that was on me to pay. I need to find out if they want me to take the drug test and have no proof that I'm on any drugs, am I responsible for the $15 to take it or are they?
This question should really be asked in the family law section of AVVO. It is not really a criminal law question. The...
What do I plea for second offense dui??
I was riding a motorcycle with a passenger, was pulled over bc of license plate "alteration" and blew a .118 on site of being pulled over and in the police dept. my motorcycles permit was expired on aug 26th and this happened on sept 10th. I spent 12 hours in drunk tank and let out on suritey bond. My first court appearance is in the morning and not sure what to do and I do not have a lawyer. I know the judge will probably give me jail time but I'm trying to avoid that. I know they will try to make me plea guilty and they will make it look like a bad idea to plea not guilty but what do I do? I would rather be appointed AA meetings and dui classes. Can I not plea until I get a lawyer or should I try to plea "no contest"? What should I do?
Go into court, plead not guilty and ask for time to get a lawyer, and say nothing else. As soon as you leave that court...
How long does it take to process my record?
I got a DUI of a controlled substance in IN with a KY drivers license in June of 2015. I got unsupervised probation. I recently got charged with public intoxication of a controlled substance In KY while still on probation in September of 2016. When I go to court will KY see that I'm on probation or has it not hit my record yet? What will happen if they can?
Your specific answer will come from calling Court officials or your attorney no way to know.