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What are my options and chances of DUI conviction? What should I do Immediately
I was stopped for at least 1.5 hours on a country road when a police officer pulled up an told me I was getting a DUI (I wasn't driving, I was parked) because my eyes were glassed over and he smelled Marijuana. I had no alcohol in my system which a breathalyzer proved. It was only one police officer in one car and he kept asking me about my dealer and if I would work with him. When I told him that my dealer was just some guy on a street corner in Allentown, he stopped caring. I had a bong, a bowl, and some weed (approx. 3 grams) in a baggy in my car, so I assume I'll be facing that on top of a DUI. I have no previous DUI's, They took me to a DUI center, blood test and another field sobriety test and sent me home. no previous convictions, only a couple speeding tickets. I haven't gotten the paperwork in the mail so I don't know what my actual charges are, As of asking this question it happened 24 hours ago. what should do immediately? I went and saw a lawyer on my lunch break today and he was very informative and helpful and offered a flat fee of $2000. Is that a reasonable amount? is there any possibility I could not have a DUI on my record and/or not serve jail time?
If you like and trust the lawyer you should go with them
Is the police report and arrest invalid if they distinctly reversed the chain of events and claim I failed the field test first?
I was stopped for a burnt out license plate light and no other reason. After initial contact, the officer waited and asked me to submit to a breathalyzer, to which I replied twice "If I don't have to..." In response I was requested to exit the vehicle and submitted to a field sobriety test, which they said I failed and so I was arrested and charged with DUI.
No it doesn't. But how are you going to prove which happened first? Do you have video?
Was I victim of entrapment? Underage drinking
I was recently involved in an incident where i was a passenger in a vehicle of which the driver got a DUI. When asked if i could drive the vehicle home, the officer said straight to my face "Don't worry youre not in any trouble". After which I admitted I had a little to drink hours before. Then he came back and asked if i wanted to take a PBT reading. My exact words were "Do I have to?" and he said no. So I refused. As the incident went on me and another passenger were told to find a ride home, and no talk of being in trouble or getting an underage was made. Now 2-3 weeks later I recieve a citation in the mail for underage drinking. WTF. This would be my second offense. I need help
Unless the officer told you to drink, it's not entrapment. The evidence they have against you is your admission....
What happens if I don't receive notification to do court ordered comm serv during my ARD probation?
My ARD probation period is almost up and I still haven't received any notice to do community service.
You should contact your assigned probation officer or the probation department to verify that it is a condition of your...
If you are caught driving with an uninspected vehicle in PA, what are the consequences?
My Inspection is due right now in February, 2017. I need new tires. With that said, I have to wait until the first week of March to get tires and Inspection. If I happen to get pulled over, what are the consequences? Will I just have to pay a fine? Or Will they impound my car? Arrest me? Suspend my license? Etc. What all Will I be looking at if I am pulled over?
If the only issue is an inspection, the worst you are facing is a fine, as long as you address the citation. If you can...
How do I file a written motion to suppress evidence I cannot afford an attorney and don't qualify for a public defender
Dui case, blood was draw against my will with no warranty, field sobriety tests or breathalyzer. Officer stated in courtroom that he can just do that as he pleases and the 4th ammendment has no sway in Pennsylvania
We really don't have enough space here to teach you how to write a motion. Also, it's a bit like going to the carpenter...
How long will it take to get DUI paperwork in the mail? Also how do I know what I was charged with?
I was parked for about 2 hours and allegedly smoking marijuana, a cop pulled up and said that my keys were in the ignition, he smelled marijuana, and he was investigating me for DUI. He put me in the cop car and searched my truck finding a small amount of marijuana and 2 empty flasks. I had not consumed alcohol and the breathalyzer proved that, I just happened to have the flasks. He towed my truck and took me to a DUI center where I was photographed and had blood drawn. After that, they called me a cab and sent me home. I was under the impression that I would at least spend a night in jail and post bail but from the time I was handcuffed to the time I walked out of the police station was about 3 hours. I don't think the prosecution has a strong case, I was calm and cooperative the entire time, I might have messed up on the field sobriety test but I have flat feet and severe nerve pain in one leg, I was parked and out of the way of traffic for a long time. It has been about 20 days since and I have not received anything in the mail, nor did they give me or tell me anything as I left the station. What charges should I expect and what should be my first steps?
It usually takes from 10 days to 3-4 weeks to get your paperwork, although sometimes it is much longer. You won't know...