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Was I victim of entrapment? Underage drinking
I was recently involved in an incident where i was a passenger in a vehicle of which the driver got a DUI. When asked if i could drive the vehicle home, the officer said straight to my face "Don't worry youre not in any trouble". After which I admitted I had a little to drink hours before. Then he came back and asked if i wanted to take a PBT reading. My exact words were "Do I have to?" and he said no. So I refused. As the incident went on me and another passenger were told to find a ride home, and no talk of being in trouble or getting an underage was made. Now 2-3 weeks later I recieve a citation in the mail for underage drinking. WTF. This would be my second offense. I need help
Unless the officer told you to drink, it's not entrapment. The evidence they have against you is your admission....
I refused a blood alcohol test in Nazareth Pa. Will a lawyer be able to help me?
I parked at a grocery store because I knew I couldn't drive. I feel asleep and a citizen called the police. I was taken to the hospital but refused testing. I will receive a cititation in the mail.
An experienced criminal defense attorney can definitely help you. You will not receive a citation, but rather a...
What happens if I don't receive notification to do court ordered comm serv during my ARD probation?
My ARD probation period is almost up and I still haven't received any notice to do community service.
You should contact your assigned probation officer or the probation department to verify that it is a condition of your...
Is there a good chance my dui of marijuana get dismissed.
I have no prior dui.i was pulled over for headlight the cop came back to the car and said he smelled marijuana ask me if i been smoking i sad no.iam physically disabled but was given sobriety test after i was arrested they searched car without permission didn't find nothing.i refused to take blood test because it would have stiil been in my system.if there's no telling when i last smoked how can i get dui.thanks
If the officer can testify to the fact that you showed signs of impairment due to marijuana and that it affected your...
My son got a DUI (spice, not alcohol) and also was driving his car with expired inspection sticker and expired drivers license.
He did have a small amount of "spice" and a pipe on him. Was taken for a blood test. What will happen now? 1st offense. Thank you!
Typically, a first time offender will get probation, but there are many consequences beyond the criminal case. You need...
When will a dui be removed from the district court records?
My daughter had a dui and she opted for ARD. The ARD requirements are complete and the record has been removed from the common pleas court on the Unified justice system website but still shows on the magisterial district court website. Will that be removed also and if so, when? Thanks.
Hi, you need to have a criminal attorney file an expungment petition to have it completely cleared off the court record...
Can I get my license back early after second dui offense?
I've gotten two duis total along with some other petty charges in my past. Although I've been wondering if there was anyway my license suspension could be lifted I have another year left of suspension and just wondering if they offered anything? Also wondering if there was a way to get around having the interlock device waived ? Since I've been charged with duis I haven't had any trouble with the law or traffic violations.
If your license was suspended for 18 months, after 12 months you could receive an oll or operational limited license to...