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  • Arrest made in Nauvoo pharmacy break-in

    Tuesday Nov 21 | via Daily Mountain Eagle 

    Walker County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Carbon Hill man in the act of robbing Capstone Rural Health Center's Nauvoo pharmacy on Monday, according to Sheriff Jim Walker County Sheriff's deputies arrested a Carbon Hill man in the act of robbing Capstone Rural Health Center's Nauvoo pharmacy on Monday, according to Sheriff Jim Underwood. Cody James Callahan, 21, of Lost Creek Road in Carbon Hill, is currently being held in the Walker County Jail on no bond.


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Nauvoo Law

Can I still take my prescription .medicine in drug court?
I have never been in trouble with the law until now. This guy left. Crack cocaie in my vehicle . so I was. Hargwd the guy got out a few .times down the road. I am on disability and they want me to go to drug court. I am 55 years old I ha ve arthritis and am faci g at least 2 surgeries I am On pain Medication and xannax the xannax is from finding my father but Ely murdered and pain meds for my back I have a bulging g disc in my lower back and a ruptured one in my neck , the o e in my.neck is gonna a have surgery on it. So if in drug court. Can I take my prescription medications. ?
Usually, yes but consult with the court and provide them with a copy of your prescriptions.
Can I get a dui dropped to a pi?
I wrecked a car and I'm 18. I had a breathalyzer test that read .06. None of the officer saw me in the car.
Based on the few facts that you have provided, you absolutely need a very competent criminal defense attorney, and...
What will happen I failed a drug test today for court referral, I've passed 10 never failed one until today
I've completed all requirements , I have 2 Saturday 6 hour drug classes left and 1 month monturing and I will have completed the Program.
It depends. You could be sanctioned for failing the drug test. You need to contact the attorney who helped you with...
Can you run a drug charge that was gotten in the state of Mississippi concurrent with other drug charges in Alabama?
My friend got caught with some drugs and other stuff in Mississippi. He dont live in Mississippi and has other charges in alabama where he lives. Can he have those ran concurrent And be brought back to alabama?
He needs to get an attorney in Mississippi and one in Alabama. He should figure on each state addressing their own...
Had a wreck got a dwi/cs and possession of cocaine first charges ever I and I live in jasper al what can I exspect ? fines?
First arrest ever I'm #4 years old
All of the charges are extremely serious. You should hire a criminal defense lawyer to handle this matter. Stop...
What jail time is my child looking at with the following charges: DUI, resis. arrest, RE, Eluding, 2nd deg. assault pol officer?
My 21 year old son was at a party that the cops broke up. Many people ran, my son included. Upon hitting tack strips placed out by the cops, my son wrecked, hitting a police car with a cop inside the car. The cop is physically okay, or so I have been told.
Before you start calculating the possible sentence, you should consider yourself lucky that your son was not shot by...
I was hit by a drunk driver. her moms car had insurance but the driver wasn't covered. how do I get my car fixed. im covered
the lady was charged with dui. now my car is wrecked and im at risk of being pulled over and thats my only way of going . im pregnant and had two children in the car with me
If the drunk was a permissive user of the car, you can go after the insurer of the car so long as the drunk was not...