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Its difficult to tell whether you can still go hunting. It would seem that you should be able to, however, its an...
How can I get my DUI case dismissed if I wasn't driving.
I was in a car accident while I was incredibly drunk. I don't remember everything that happened, but I told the trooper I was driving when I was in fact not driving. My friend is willing to talk to whoever he needs to to rectify the situation. The troopers dash cam was not operational. We went to trooper station # 1 in Bethany to make a statement. He told the officer he was driving, but refused to divulge any self incriminating information. The trooper then told us to leave. I am very scared and don't know what to do because I can not afford a lawyer.
Do you qualify for a Public Defender? If you do they are lawyers, and many as good as private counsel. Go to the PD's...
Why you get to go to jail just becauce your lucense is suspended?
My son got a dui for the first time.he's working on firxing his license .but two weeks ago he need to get to work he drive his car.hand got pull hi went to court they want to give himjail time.he knows ge did it wrong and now his about to loise his job and apt
Because driving with a suspended license is against the law. Consequences of driving against a DUI suspension can...
If you get a DUI but haven't gone to court yet will it show up on your record?
My friend got a dui and we are all supposed to go to Canada in a week. If he isn't going to court until after the Canadian trip will it show up on his record when we try to go through customs? We are aware you can't get into Canada with a dui.
It depends wether the Clerk of the Court has received the paper work from the police yet. It may very well appear with...
Can I use someone else's car if it is registered and insured in their name to install a breathalizer device for myself, legally?
Can I use someone else's care and insurance to install an interlock device , is this legal for the program, or are the requirements to have the car itself belong to me , be registered and insured to me in order to install a breathilizer and fulfill the legal requirements?
Check with the attorney who handled the case for you. He/she will tell you the requirements/limitations.
Was wondering what happened for violating probation for the first time?
Had gotten a ticket from a state trooper yesterday for driving with out having my license restored which I didn't know my license was suspended in the first place...also just bought a brand new car and didn't have my interlock device installed yet but the police officer never checked...want to know what could happen? First time ever being on probation never missed a probation appt and always passed ever drug screening also have done all the requirements my probation officer asked...I'm terrified that she will send me back to court resulting into jail time
Firstly, you are required to report this incident to your probation officer. After that I would expect the probation...
Will I be drug tested at court for 2 larceny 6 and domestic with my sister after getting out of rehab previous day?
I never had a record or been arrested before. I fell into drugs this past year. I was arrested twice for larceny 6 and domestic with my sister for arguing. I just got out of rehab and have to turn myself in this morning. Iv been to court 10 times. Often my public defender didnt show and got continued. Judge gave me iop. I never completed it because of being homeless and struggling with drugs. The court never put all the cases together. Every time I went to court they were both discussed. My public defender was terrible. And never got a letter for the court date. I had a one failure to appear and was arrested at court. Bond out and court next day they said all cases were together come back this date. Sent to iop again but put myself in 6 week rehab. Now I'm out of rehab and found out it happened again with a unknown court date for one of the larceny 6 before I went in. I smoked weed like a fool and concerned their going to drug test me. And concerned about the two FTA. I have a lawyer now. Can i expect a drug test and jail time?
The court may make drug testing a condition of your release or probation if you plead or are found guilty. While jail...