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I was sentenced to 5 years of summary Probation in California .
This is unsupervised probation and I cannot break any laws (with the exception of minor traffic infractions) or I violate my probation. Can I move to another State without having to notify CA?
Generally, informal probation (ie. summary probation) means that you do not need to report to any probation office,...
DUI charge. My ticket has on it: "23152 (A)\ VC DUI" and nothing else. Can I be later charged with 23152 (b)?
The nurse at the hospital said my BAC was .22 but I have seen no documentation to that effect. I had been knocked unconscious and had no (conscious) interface with the "arresting" officer (did not do a field sobriety test). I sustained a head injury that kept me in the hospital for 2 days. I then was allowed to freely leave the hospital. I was never at any time in custody or formally arrested. The last thing that I remember (evening of the "DUI") was trying to avoid a car that had swerved toward me ( I was trying to park my motorcyce along the curve at the time. I was staying at my friend's RV, all of 100 yds from where the mishap happened). I'm hoping for a deal with the DA's office (wet/reckless?). This would be considered a first offense DUI. The ".22" is what is problematic
The .22 is very problematic, because you are over .15 there is an enhancement. So, I really suggest contacting an...
Applying For 1650 Waiver Packet DMV form in California for a DUI
Applying For 1650 Waiver Packet DMV form in California for a DUI. I received a misdemeanor DUI in California. I've completed my MADD class, Public Work Service, and paid my fines. I dont have a probation officer, just cant get caught drinking and driving again. (which I wont do anymore) Only thing left to complete is my 1st conviction 9 month program. I haven't started that yet due to my loss of job and living situation. I already asked for an extension but the due date is coming soon. I've done my research and found this site. I wish to move to another state where I have family members who can help me get on my feet again. I wanted to know if i have to go to the judge first or can i just move there and will it automatically put a hold on my classes? What steps do i take? Can anyone help me out on this please?
The attorney's site that you reference answers all the questions that you pose here. The 1650 packet waives your right...
Forgot to attend MADD class for underage DUI. Is everything ruined?!
I was convicted of an underage DUI in January 2010 and had my license suspended for 1 year. The judge ordered me to attend DUI classes (education only, not the full course), MADD, and either do community service or pay the fine. I attended the DUI classes and payed my fines but yesterday I realized that I never attended the MADD class. I completely forgot about it! Is everything ruined? Am I going to jail? Will the judge allow me to reschedule my MADD appointment? I don't have money for an attorney and I know what I did was completely stupid... I have no idea what to do...
It depends on the terms of your sentencing. Often, you'll be given a completion date. Sometimes though, you're just...
Arrested for DUI Drugs/23152 (e) vc, have a question about DMV APS hearing.
Hello, was recently arrested for DUI Drugs in San Diego, California. As for my DMV hearing, I'm curious as to what the chances are of DMV setting aside my licence suspension if my BAC was 0.00. Also, what other factors can come into play on this specific charge at the DMV hearing?
A DMV Administrative Per Se (APS) hearing is to determine whether you were driving with a blood alcohol level over the...
Arrested for DUI drugs/ pc 23152 (e) VC, but wasn't under the influence at all. What can I do?
Hello, Recently I was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in San Diego, CA. I was on my home from a family dinner when I was stopped for having a light out on my vehicle. Officer asked if I had any alcohol that night, to which I replied truthfully. I had two beers at dinner about an hour and half before the traffic stop. Upon this admission, the officer had me exit my vehicle to conduct further investigation. At this point, I was extremely nervous because I had just remembered I had very small amount of marijuana in the vehicle. My nerves began to become visible, and the officer began to accuse me of being under the influence of drugs- specifically methamphetamines. Which came as a total shock to me. They found the small amount of marijuana and arrested me on the spot.
Immediately take a hair follicle and urine test at a clinic that does so. How long ago was this traffic stop. Maybe...
I got a Dui 3 years ago in CA but never went to the classes or paid the fine, how do I take care of this now?
I don't have any record other than my 1 DUI. I obtained my DUI in California 3 years ago but now live in New York. I want to take care of this but don't know where to begin. I had a monthly payment system set up but only paid the first few months and I never went to classes or went to do my court mandated community service. I am not in a financial position where I can hire a lawyer so I am looking for some guidance on how to do this on my own. Thank you for your time.
You'll need to retain a San Diego attorney to appear in court for you. The case is likely at warrant status.