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My son is 3 months into a 6 month probation for a first time DUI, and was just jailed for domestic violence.
He and his girlfriend were arguing over a phone and she tried to rush at him and take it away from him. He grabbed her and held her back; and then asked her to leave. She called the police and said he tried to choke her to death. They were both arrested, but the judge denied his bail and is holding him for a probation revocation hearing in two weeks. Does he need a lawyer? She is now recanting her story and saying that she called the police out of anger and hates she did it. What can we do? A court appointed attorney handled the DUI, can he do anything? He says his probation officer told him to plead guilty to this. Is that right? He's up to date on his probation requirements and has never been in trouble before.Thanks in advance. I just want to do what ever I can to help him.
Pleading guilty to a DVcharge has serious ramifications , including the potential loss of gun rights. His probation...
What happens if you had a DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894 and just got another DWI but refused all the test ?
I had my first DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894. I just got pulled over last night and was truthful with the officer about where I was going and where I had been. I also told him I had drank two beers. When ask to conduct FST I refused however he did so the pen test. Once arrested I also refused breath test. What's going to happen to me now ?
You refused the test; good. Then you admitted having two beers; bad. Results of eye nystagmus test unknown. You need...
Can I get convicted of a DUI over three years after I was arrested?
Got arrested for DUI agreed to take pre-trial intervention program.. Failed to finish payment.. Pure over sight and did not complete community service. Happened in May 2013../they are no trying to revoke it in August 2016..//is there a limitation of time for them to be able to do this,? And if so what is the time span? L
Since none of us lawyers have your case or terms of your pti our wild guesses wont help you. surely you had an attorney...
How far back can a court go back too use a dwi against me
had a dwi 7 years ago an it was first afence now they have me charged with 2nd. will it stick
It will stick if the prior judgment and sentence is in order. ask your lawyer to review to make sure its a valid Judgment.
Can I get my drivers license back after my warrant is recall and before my arraignment?
My license was suspended do to a bench warrant in 2010. My warrant was recalled today. They said I had to show proof of a valid license on my court date in a few mths from now. I'm confused now! Does that mean I can go & get my license back today? Cause really need them back & this has made me so anxious to know. My law is out of the office, don't know if this is wrong or not asking other lawyers but I hope not. This is my well being we're talking about and I need to exhale bad! Thanks so much!
Call a local DUI attorney to review your record and give you the answer to the question you're asking.
If one has an open case with OCS and they decide to move off w the child that the case is open for, will case expire\is law bro
Child's first 'poop' tested positive for TRACES of THC. Mother checked into hospital to give birth w a negative urinalyses,as well as all throughout pregnancy. Unfortunately she smoked early in the pregnancy before knowing she was pregnant. Nor was she trying to get pregnant might I add, very unexpected. However, once she knew, all was taken was vitamins and whatever was prescribed throughout pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby. But, BC of the positive result of traces of THC, OCS was notified and a case was open. When told all she had to do was meet w them, let them see baby, and speak w her, if all checked out good, to include a negative drug screen, and a happy healthy baby, that she would leave w no problem and no case. After complying by going to their office, meeting w them, passing a drug screen, showing them a healthy baby, still left w an open case. This woman has a 17 yr old, about to graduate and has never even had a call on her to ocs might I add, along w the fact that she's never even had a speeding ticket much less any type of criminal record. But yet, 5 mths later the saga goes on
This is not a DUI related question......................
I got a dwi july 2014. Will it show up on my MVR
I feel asleep in slde swipe a 18 wheeler july 2014.
First, a lawyer will need to know if you were convicted of the DWI. Also was the conviction based on a guilty plea and...