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How does someone with a DUI from 16 years ago gain entry into Canada?
I want to take my best friend hunting to Canada in October. His record is totally clean both before and after his DUI 16 years ago. What does he do?
It is not the severity of the crime, it is the Canadian equivalent of the offense that says whether you can cross the...
I got 1 DUI and results was a fine and 1 year court supervision. and currently have a suspended license for DUI #2
what should i put on applications when they ask if i have ever been convicted of anything other than a traffic violation? I technically haven't been convicted on my 2nd DUI and my lawyer is waiting for my next court date to try and work a deal and get my suspension rescinded. Will this prevent me from getting a job in the health care field?
as of now you have not been convicted of anything other than traffic ticket.
How does dui probation in Dupage county work?
Last month I was sentenced to 24 months of probation for my second dui. The judge had told me that I will be randomly tested for alcohol via ETG tests twice a month. My question is will the probation department also test me for drugs (Marijuana) even though the court order only mentions that i will be tested for alcohol?
Yes... it's very likely that you'll be tested for alcohol, marijuana and numerous other drugs while in probation. Your...
Can I be charged for a dui if I was arrested for a different offense?
Had a car accident and was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid crash but was told I'm being charged with a dui when I went to court
YES! ABSOLUTELY! Your description of the events is somewhat scant but it is possible to be "charged" with DUI after the...
My misdemeanor DUI was raised to a felony because of a class 2 felony in 8 years earlier, not a DUI.
i was passed out in my car with keys in ignition, in front of my house. The car was not running and i was charged with r dui. That was later raised to a felony. 17 months later The charged was reduced back to a misdemeanor because of, what i was told, by the States Attorney the case was to old for the charge. They had changed the class-2 from 2007 to a burglary from 1978. But their still treating it like a felony, with felony probation. My lawyer sucked.
And it's still pending? Wow. Why do I think there's more to this.
How can you get a dui by walking to your broke down car?
The car broke down i left to get help and when i came back i was arrested for dui
Not sure why this was posted under lemon law. I will re-post so that you get answers regarding viable defenses to...
Can a DUI revoke my intense probation?
I'm currently on intense probation in Illinois and my wife got sick and threw up all over inside of the car. So I went to clean the car out and was pulled over for driving on suspended license and a DUI.
General conditions of any probation include obey all laws. You definitely need to consult with a criminal defense attorney.