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What charges can be brought up if drunk man tries to enter home thinking its his own?
Highly intoxicated at 3:00 am. Walked home from the bar and ended up 1 block west of his home. He thought he was at home so he was banging on the door demanding that someone let him in. In the process he broke the window but never got into the house. He is being held on 1st Degree Burglary. What can he actually be charged with for this incident? - burglary definitely isn't one.
There are a number of possibilities. Perhaps the most significant is a potential felony burglary charge. The elements...
What should I do? Its my first DUI.
I cant afford a lawyer. I asked the Judge to provide me a lawyer but he wont. Wouldnt that violate the 6th Amendment? I also tried to find the local bar association in Winona but I cant find it anywhere online. Its my first time getting DUI so im clueless on what to do.
You only get a court appointed lawyer if you qualify financially. You must make or have too much money. The threshold...
How likely will I get 1 year restriction no alcohol at all for first time DWI.
Got a first time DWI, blew .14. No one was hurt and nothing was damaged. No prior offenses. Did get a speeding ticket with it. Prosecuting attorney offered me a deal of a fine, one year probation, and no alcohol for a year. I am fine with everything but wondering why I would be charged with no alcohol and not just no other driving related incidents. How likely is it the judge will throw that out or if I agree he does not have an option.
If you accept the plea agreement then the judge will impose all aspects of it, including the alcohol restriction. If...
What constitutes coercion in mn dui breath test?
A high blood sugar diabetic and tested.13 after one drink almost 4 hours later on breath test.I asked for blood test but was denied. Cop knew of my prior felony dui. But said if I took and failed breath test I would only be held 12 hours not seven years, could get my truck back after 12 hours not forfeited, and license back in 30 days not six years. Isn't that coercion? Also told me to pee my pants instead of letting me use bathroom, if I chose to contact an attorney.
This question has already been posted. Contact a dui attorney in your area for more in depth response
Is an interlock offense considered a second dui?
I was charged with 3rd degree dui. I had interlock in place but will have a interlock offense now. I haven't even went to trial for the original dui. I'm getting the machine calibrated before lock out tomorrow. Is there any chance I will be able to retain my interlock?
>>>>>>Is an interlock offense considered a second dui? I don't quite understand this question. Are you talking...
Can I enter Canada with a careless driving?
Hello. I was charged with a careless driving back in 2014 (Minnesota Statute 169.13.2). On my record there is no indication of alcohol or impaired driving. Is there any way they will grant me admittance to Canada?
Most likely you still can but you should direct your questions to the Canadien Consulate as they can advise you of...
My friend has 5th degree charge what is the most and least time if there is priors grim over 9 years ago and what likely would b
Priors over 9 years ago pullover no reason car has ins and name was valid DL
Are we talking about a 5th degree drug charge? If so, the law will likely call for 180 days minimum, and around a year...