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Totaled my moms 2012 scion, only minor scrapes, aug,2,2013. on dec 20, 2013. i recvd a criminal complaint, RCW 46.61.502 DUI,
from the prosecuting attorney. under RCW 46.64.015 Citation and notice to appear in court — Issuance — Contents — Arrest — Detention.An officer may not serve or issue any traffic citation or notice for any offense or violation except either when the offense or violation is committed in his or her presence or when a person may be arrested pursuant to RCW 10.31.100, as now or hereafter amended. never rcvd a citation at time of accident. i did submit urine in a used hospital water pitcher not admissible as chain of comand.had my adderall perscription in car or on person ,and high BP meds. the adderall for my ADD been on them for 5-6 years. arraignment is jan 16 , will be asking to throw out . for the above mentioned, and no speedy trial . george
You need to consult with a criminal defelse attorney. I believe if you try and handle this on your own you will not...
Will the judge revolk my defered if i had a bad ua and have to go from monthly montering back to the intensive outpationt prog.
i had a bad ua while in monthly montering and my counselor said i would have to go back to three times a week for at least 30days then once a week,basicly starting over.Will my deffered be revolked
In my experience, if you are on a deferred prosecution and there is evidence that you have used alcohol/drugs, most...
WA license reinstatement after DUI conviction
My license was suspended after a dui conviction (higher breath test) in November of 2014. The WA DOL website says I am eligible to reinstate it on October 27th - a few weeks away. They listed some potential requirements, one being possibly taking the driving and/or knowledge tests. Is this going to actually be required? My license has not technically been suspended for a full year - it was suspended for 90, reinstated, and then suspended a few months later once the case was closed.
Yes, you will be required to go through the reinstatement process set forth by DOL. Contact them and do as directed....
Chance of winning Trail(First time DUI)
I got pulled over by a cop last year ( Oct 2014 ) in WA for weaving on the road and not using turn signals while changing lanes(Police officer made this up.There are no video recordings).Did FST and declined PBT. Was arrested for being impaired and blew a 0.11 & 0.10 at the station.The prosecutor was initially willing to plea bargain ( According to my attorney ) but later refused to do it.I think that my attorney was lying to me about the plea bargain until i paid my installments(abt 3500$). Just back from a motion hearing and couldn't supress suppress supremes supremeness pressures pressure any evidence.I am feeling so helpless with the current attorney.But I have already paid all the money.Should i go to trial with the same attorney?What are the chances of winning ? should i consider DP?
There is not nearly enough information here to predict what is going to happen at a trial or if you should consider a...
"Minor intoxicated in public place"
I'm asking if I can use my 1 deferral for this misdaminor or not. It was cougar football game day and I was not very intoxicated I was walking with a group of friends and I was pushed into the road and a cop immediately grabbed and detained me I thought it was for jay walking or something, I was never breathalyed never eye tested or anything he let me go with a ticket and that was the end of it. I'm confused on how he can even say I was intoxicated? Is it his word against mine in the court and I am gonna get a lawyer but if I don't need to spend the cash on one I don't want to.
You're charged with a crime. You could possibly eventually receive a deferred sentence, but you can't "use your one...
Is it possible in Washington State for a court to waive the requirement of an ignition interlock in a deferred prosecution?
I did not have a license at the time of the arrest. I have financing to purchase a new vehicle from a dealer. I do not have a license in WA State, I cannot get a license without an ignition interlock device installed. I cannot purchase a vehicle without a valid WA license. I've been in my deferred for 15 months no violations.
You're in a sticky situation and generally speaking there isn't a waiver for something like this. Can you put an IID...
Hello, Will a DUI from June 2006 show up on FBI fingerprint check done this month?
I have an RN license in my current state and am applying for license by endorsement. I have never said yes to conviction question, and have not had a problem. Should I be concerned now? I automatically said no, not even thinking, and it is taking much longer then usual, I am starting to wonder if I should have said yes....I did not even think about it until now quite honestly.
A DUI is a criminal conviction regardless of how long ago it was; so if asked by any potential employer if you have...