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Totaled my moms 2012 scion, only minor scrapes, aug,2,2013. on dec 20, 2013. i recvd a criminal complaint, RCW 46.61.502 DUI,
from the prosecuting attorney. under RCW 46.64.015 Citation and notice to appear in court — Issuance — Contents — Arrest — Detention.An officer may not serve or issue any traffic citation or notice for any offense or violation except either when the offense or violation is committed in his or her presence or when a person may be arrested pursuant to RCW 10.31.100, as now or hereafter amended. never rcvd a citation at time of accident. i did submit urine in a used hospital water pitcher not admissible as chain of comand.had my adderall perscription in car or on person ,and high BP meds. the adderall for my ADD been on them for 5-6 years. arraignment is jan 16 , will be asking to throw out . for the above mentioned, and no speedy trial . george
You need to consult with a criminal defelse attorney. I believe if you try and handle this on your own you will not...
Will the judge revolk my defered if i had a bad ua and have to go from monthly montering back to the intensive outpationt prog.
i had a bad ua while in monthly montering and my counselor said i would have to go back to three times a week for at least 30days then once a week,basicly starting over.Will my deffered be revolked
In my experience, if you are on a deferred prosecution and there is evidence that you have used alcohol/drugs, most...
Can a breathalyzer test results change for a DUI charge?
I got arrested for DUI. I have a lawyer and everything and we are trying to get it reduced to reckless driving. I was just emailed the police report. It states that my breathalyzer results changed from .084 to .10 on the way the police station. Should I tell my lawyer? Can that actually happen, can the results change? Did the cop lie? Is my chances of having my sentence reduced better or worse? This is my first offense and have no priors I just want this to go away.
Of course they change. This is a HYPO and the measurements aren't meant to be realistic.... Example: Lets say a...
I was arrested for DUI. BAC .105. What are my chances of the charge being dropped or am I not looking to good?
I got pulled and charge for DUI 2 weeks ago in Tacoma, WA. I have a lawyer and court tomorrow. My BAC is .105. I just really need the truth. What are my chances of this case being dropped down to reckless driving? This is my first charge. Am going to lose my career? Am I going to jail. I was very cooperative with the police. Will I lose my license? What will I have to pay?
The truth is that the answer to your question is very fact specific. As you have an attorney, I am sure you have...
Is my Department of Licensing hearing for a DUI or speeding?
I got pulled over in Washington for a DUI. I was arrested brung to the police station and then dropped off at home. The officer gave me three papers. The impound for my car. The ticket. And the Department of Licensing hearing request. I'm going to speak to a lawyer tomorrow. But my question is, why does the ticket only say I have to pay 310 for speeding? It says nothing about DUI. But yet I got a paper for the DOL hearing for DUI. Is it possible my lawyer can convince the judge that I didn't get a DUI but is losing my licenses for speeding only? Or is this all set in stone. I'm in the military and got arrested by civilian police off base. I don't want to tell them until after I speak to my lawyer. So do I have a DUI or speeding conviction?
If an officer pulls you over for speeding, you can be issued a speeding ticket. That is a different problem than your...
DUI, I'm 18 years old, BAC of 0.047, I live in Washington, first time offense
I was driving my car more drunk friend home from a party a mile away to our house and got pulled over and had a 0.047 BAC, what are the consequences? I'm 18 and live ok n Washington and this was a first time offense.
I handle these type of cases all the time. I am from Moses Lake WA and you need to have a consultation with an...
Had a DUI case that was dismissed due to no evidence. Can I get reimbursed by the state of Washington for these expenses?
Breathalyzer was .00 and negative blood test. Had to hire and attorney for defense against the State of Washing ton in Thurston County. Incurred expenses for legal defense, car impoundment, ignition interlock (breathalyzer) and ankle alcohol monitoring devise.
As long as there was "probable cause" to initiate the arrest you do not have a remedy by any form of lawsuit or claim...