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Totaled my moms 2012 scion, only minor scrapes, aug,2,2013. on dec 20, 2013. i recvd a criminal complaint, RCW 46.61.502 DUI,
from the prosecuting attorney. under RCW 46.64.015 Citation and notice to appear in court — Issuance — Contents — Arrest — Detention.An officer may not serve or issue any traffic citation or notice for any offense or violation except either when the offense or violation is committed in his or her presence or when a person may be arrested pursuant to RCW 10.31.100, as now or hereafter amended. never rcvd a citation at time of accident. i did submit urine in a used hospital water pitcher not admissible as chain of comand.had my adderall perscription in car or on person ,and high BP meds. the adderall for my ADD been on them for 5-6 years. arraignment is jan 16 , will be asking to throw out . for the above mentioned, and no speedy trial . george
You need to consult with a criminal defelse attorney. I believe if you try and handle this on your own you will not...
Will the judge revolk my defered if i had a bad ua and have to go from monthly montering back to the intensive outpationt prog.
i had a bad ua while in monthly montering and my counselor said i would have to go back to three times a week for at least 30days then once a week,basicly starting over.Will my deffered be revolked
In my experience, if you are on a deferred prosecution and there is evidence that you have used alcohol/drugs, most...
I got convicted for DUI , gave lawyer 3000 & did not win the case, now want to terminate my probation and he is asking more $$$?
Just to file a motion with the court to terminate my probation, my attorney is asking for more money. I have already paid him 3000 for the case he did not win and again more just to file a motion seems ridiculous? any advice would be great!
Your answer will depend entirely upon what your contract with your attorney stated. Most criminal engagement agreements...
I was charged for the first time with a DUI and I was in a accident with another vehicle at the time. What can I expect .
My bail was set at 100,000.00, why so high. No one was seriously hurt. I live in WA. State in snohomish county.
You need to engage an experienced criminal DUI defense lawyer immediately. Defense fees may seem high, but I strongly...
Can you get a dui for anti depressants?
I take 10 mg nortriptyline nightly for chronic pain
It may be unlawful under certain circumstances. It's not unlawful to consume prescription drugs and then drive. It is...
How much can a Judge order for restitution in a DUI?
I was hit by a drunk driver who plead guilty. The restitution hearing is coming up and the defendant says he shouldn't pay restitution because he has insurance. The policy limit is only 2/3 of my current expenses and I need additional surgeries. Is it likely the judge would order the medical and lost wage expenses be paid? The prosecutor is not very experienced unfortunately.
There is a limit when you are asking for restitution due to the criminal charge of DUI. I have never heard of a Judge...
How do I get my car back after an Immediate Roadside Prohibition in Canada, as a citizen of Washington state?
BC, Canada, police say I blew too high in an alcohol BAL device. They then towed my car and physically grabbed my license. I want to appeal but am unsure what to do. How do I get my car back? Washington state already issued me a new license. But I don't want to pay outrageous fees and install a breathalyzer in my car since I don't agree the punishment was deserved. Do I just show up at the tow yard 30 days later asking for my vehicle? Thanks in advance!
This site is about laws in the US. You are asking about laws in Canada. What you should do is contact attorneys in...