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  • NK Police: Officer Hurt after Drunk Driver Crashes i...

    Yesterday | via 

    A North Kingstown police officer was hospitalized after a 54-year-old Narragansett woman crashed into his police cruiser on Tower Hill Road on Friday night. The driver, identified as Melanie R. Davis of 30 Montauk Road, Narragansett, was charged with driving under the influence and simple assault after she spat at police as she was being arrested, police said.


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  • How Much Violent Crime Happened in Narragansett and ...

    Thursday Nov 5 | via 

    The FBI recently released its annual "Crime in the United States" report , which includes information about Narragansett and South Kingstown. According to the report, Narragansett saw 5 violent crimes in 2014 and South Kingstown saw 14. Violent crime includes offenses involving force or the threat of force: murder and non-negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, according to the FBI.


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Narragansett Law

Can i pay the courts for community service hours in Rhode Island?
I lost my license 3+ years ago for speeding and was required to do the 6 week driving course for 850$ and 60 hours community service. Since my license is lost and i am far from places that accepts community service unless i pay for rides from family/friends or taxi both of which i cannot afford because i cant work with no car. Soo you can see how i am stuck. Would i be able offer the courts 10$ per hour of my community service and 850$ same day and get my license back so i can actually drive to my driving course for 6 weeks? If so how? Thanks. Also if you're a lawer in the area that can make it happen i would love to hire you.
It is very unusual that you're in a place that does not have a non-profit organization, church, or charity that will...
My son received a dwi in New Hampshire , he has a Rhode Island license. How does effect his Rhode Island license?
He registered .11 on breathalyzer
You should make sure he is represented by an attorney in New Hampshire. They will best be able to advise you of...
If a cop pulls somebody over for a DUI but instead gives them a traffic ticket, is the DUI information carried to traffic court?
Lets say you're pulled over and the cop breathalyzes you and you're over the limit and instead of detaining you, gives you a ride home and gives you a speeding ticket. If you challenge the ticket in court, can the cop use the fact that you were driving under the influence against you? Or is that dismissed since you weren't charged with a DUI?
First of all, it wounds like you may have dodged a bullet. The state can bring the DUI charges against you at any time...
My wife was rear-ended and was charged with dui, she took a blood test, how can we get results of this test?
we are rhode island residents the accident took place in rhode island. it was called a misdemeanor. she does not drink at all and does not take any drugs
Since DUI is typically charged in state court as a misdemeanor and not a civil infraction you have the right to see all...
I was hit buy a drunk driver, who produced an insurance card to the police and I found out it had lasped, now what can I do?
he got arrested for suspicison of DUI illegal u-turn. and I wanna make sure he pays for the damage to my car and for being uninsured.
Call the police and tell them. Likewise, call the local prosecutor that has the case and tell them! Stay on those...
What can happen when arrested for a DUI while on Probation?
My girlfriend who is on probation for shooting her ex in the foot was pulled over and charged with a DUI. I was wondering what the consequences may be. I know she had a choice of either 4 years probation or a year in jail. Her probation would end in 2012.
DUI is usually a violation of the terms of probation. She should report the DUI charge to her probation officer asap;...
Refusal question, if you plea to the dui in District court will the refusal be dismissed in the traffic court?
Just wondering how that works, thanks for any information.
It's not automatic and there is no special formula to reach this kind of disposition. Best to contact a skilled DUI...