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What is the procedure for DCF's drug screen?
A custodian of an infant asked me to care for the baby in my home, one requirement is a home check. The other is a requirement for a drug test. I was informed the drug test would be performed at home. Can I request it to be in a clinic/hospital or my OBGYNs office instead?
You can request whatever you'd like but DCF is a nightmare. DCF can (and usually does) torque their way into...
Can I have my Florida dui restrictions lifted at the proper time while residing in New Jersey?
I have a 10 year suspension and have completed all probation requirements. My intensive probation ended 06/23/16 and on 06/23/17 I can apply with an ignition device for 2 years and I have to check in monthly from what I am told. Is there another option to restoration without residing in Florida. I wore an ankle bracelet(measuring alcohol) for 9 months,completed all drug/alcohol screens, victim impact panel,went to The Watershed (not court ordered) and have remained sober,safety council level 2 completed, and a host of other probation requirements. I simply want to move on with my life and do the right thing,but was told I have to reside in Fl. to restore my dl. Do I have another option? I was told by a Tallahassee suspension unit employee that I would have either reside in Fl or fly in monthly for 2 years. I am a working man,is there a reasonable solution that is not as draconian?
I am of the opinion that Florida's requirements are unconstitutional, as they prevent you from residing in the state of...
After Administrative Review For Refusal, License Now Shows As Valid-No Restrictions On FLDHSMV Official Website. Did I win?
I recently had a formal review of my administrative suspension for refusal to submit to a breathalyzer test at the FLDHSMV Board of Administrative Reviews. I have not received notification of the outcome yet, but when I log in to the FLDHSMV website and check my driver's license status it has changed from Suspended to Valid with No Restrictions. Is it safe to assume that my suspension has been invalidated or could there be some other reason for this? On the face of it, it seems that I was successful in having it overturned but also I realize I can't count on anything until I actually receive the formal notification. Just curious if anyone has any input based on previous experience. Thanks in advance.
BAR mails out it's rulings on administrative hearings and the computer may or may not be updated yet, so no, it is not...
Between him being in possession of the firearm as well as driving daily on a revoked license what is the best way to report him?
Hello Avvo, roughly a month ago I began renting a room in Naples. The owner of the house stays in the master bedroom on the opposite side of the house, there is an additional room/room mate as well but generally we all share the same common areas. Well, long story made short, about a week ago I witnessed the landlord fire a handgun at a dog that had wandered onto our property. Thankfully it missed and the dog ran off but needless to say it sickened me greatly. We had words over it, he proceeded to get into my face and I could tell a physical altercation was a possibility so I backed down. Fast forward to present day and I have recently discovered that he is a FELON. I looked him up and he has a permanently revoked license for DUIs and various other legalities it seems. Well, he drives a vehicle EVERY day despite this, sometimes DRUNK!
The only way to report him is to call the police and make a report. But you may want to find another place to live...
How do I resolve this, I have had no tickets or problems since 2006 I had a valid Mo. License. I have moved to Michigan and need
I got a dui in June 2006 in Naples Florida, I went to all may classes, paid all my fines, I moved to Missouri and even though my judge did not order a interlock device the Florida DMV did so I had one installed in Mo. So I could get my Mo. License I had no prior DUI conviction. After 6 months the company that installed my interlock told me to come in and have the device removed, so I did. Apparently there was some mix up with the date it was supposed to be removed and they removed a few days early. Now I have moved to Michigan and when trying to get a Mi license the Mi secretary of state tells me there is a problem with my prior Fl. License.
You will need to contact the Florida License Bureau to ask what that hold it regarding. It could be something as simple...
What are my options? Am I eligible for pretrial diversion program? What are the best options to not have a DUI on my record?
I was arrested for DUI. The only plea that has been offered is DUI. This is my first offense. I am a member of the military and do not want this conviction on my record.
The option is to hire a good attorney experienced in handling DUIs. Diversion is usually not an option on DUI cases...
In Florida, will revealing that I have an undocumented DUI from another state disqualify for hardship license?
In Florida, will revealing that I have an undocumented DUI from another state disqualify for hardship license? If
First, disclose it. Then apply for the hardship license.