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What are my options? Am I eligible for pretrial diversion program? What are the best options to not have a DUI on my record?
I was arrested for DUI. The only plea that has been offered is DUI. This is my first offense. I am a member of the military and do not want this conviction on my record.
The option is to hire a good attorney experienced in handling DUIs. Diversion is usually not an option on DUI cases...
In Florida, will revealing that I have an undocumented DUI from another state disqualify for hardship license?
In Florida, will revealing that I have an undocumented DUI from another state disqualify for hardship license? If
First, disclose it. Then apply for the hardship license.
I recently had a violation of my misdemeanour DUI probation. I am out on bail now. I am very scared of my punishment.
I was at my home and I had been drinking a glass of wine. My b/f and I had a conflict and he called the police. HE claimed I spit on him. With no evidence, he later recanted and then dropped the "battery charge" What is going to be my tentative punishment? I am 1 year in probation, no issues what so ever. My Probation Officer is great. They didn't take a breath test, nor do they have photos or statement of the "battery". I am so sorry and I don't want to lose my job. More complications are, the DUI happened in MN while on vacation, so the probation was transferred to FL...
GET OFFLINE AND HIRE A LAWYER (caps intentional). Being on probation - even courtesy supervision from a sister State...
What is average cost of non owner FR 44 Insurance
DUI 1St, Refusal to breathalizer 1st
You need to use one of the online insurance quote services to obtain insurance costs. We are lawyers, not insurance...
1st DUI & Refusal of breathalizer
The most trusted insurance companies such as Allstate, Geico, Progressive, Farmers and Nationwide all offer FR-44...
What happens when you blow a violation on your interlock device?
First DUI. Interlock on my car for a year. This morning it said I blew a violation and had a bac. I called immediately (I was on my way to work) and the young lady told me to wash my mouth out and change the mouth piece. I did this, it said "warning", but I was allowed to drive. Five minutes into driving I blew a pass. I was told I need to bring my car in to get it serviced in four days to avoid a lockout. I’m outraged. If there was alcohol in my system, then how was I able to drive (and pass) so soon? I tried speaking with a supervisor, but no one will call me back. What can I expect in terms of probation, court, possible revocation of license, etc?
Don't bury yourself so quickly. That and KEEP YOUR COOL. These machines are finicky and they screw-up on...
Naples,Florida. On probation for dui. Peed dirty for coke. What will happen? Do I get a court date or go right to jail?
I've never been in trouble with the law. Got min for the dui.
Reclassifying this under criminal. You need to seek a local criminal defense attorney familiar with probation...