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What will happen if I was in an at fault car accident and my license was under suspension?
The officers on scene did not say anything, I did not admit anything on scene, are they going to come knocking on my door to arrest me?
Sounds like you dodged that bullet, but you could still be prosecuted. They won't come knocking on your door, but you...
Refused breathalyzer; blood test 2hous later was .1 then 2hours later breathalyzer .04?
I refused breathalyzer because police behavior was questionable, and I was feeling ill (turns out I had food poisoning for the next 3 days). They took me to station where they refused to give me water ended up at hospital where I drank water. Two hours after initial stop the blood test read .11 and 2 hours after that the breathalyzer read .04. All the events were rather strange, and I realize the refusal is an issue, however I was not feeling okay about the whole situation, which is why I refused ( I felt I needed time to think). Given the timeline what do think the perception will be if I go to trial to fight the DUI or get it to a much lower punishment, like probation under a non DUI charge (they are pushing hard for a breathalyzer device in my car which will hurt my employment and my children's community perception of me (they will talk about mom in whispers - not fair to them).
I definitely think you have some issues that can be exploited here to mitigate your situation. In order to get the...
When can I find out my BAC after getting a dui? At the courthouse?
I was arrested for swiping a garbage can and not stopping. There was no place to pull over I lived a minute away it was 2:00 am in the morning and I could not call the garbage company to tell them. I was outside my house and a cop pulled up he smelled alcohol and arrested me. He arrested me for a hit and run and also administered a blood test at the station. I had four drinks in 6 hours.
It's not a good idea to post the facts of the case on a public website. Better to speak in confidence with your...
I need to know what I can do about a dui. 7 years ago I quit drinking but got one last night
I sat home and had a bottle of wine and half of another. A friend called d for a ride and I then went 2 miles to pick him up . As I pulled out of the parking lot I hit s garbage can and it was impossible to pull over. I decided not to stop and went straight home. A cop pulled up beside me and ask if I had been drinking took me to the. BAck of the car did the breathalyzer and arrested me. I now have no license etc and o stand the chance of losing my job I wish my name not be put in the paper. I went to a rehab program 7 years ago and quit. I atttnd meetings I don't know what comes next. I realize it was a very stupid move but wondering what the punishment will. Be
Your punishment will be determined in part by your BAC, your prior record, and your attorney. Best to lawyer up. Best...
How soon I find out a BAC level after arrested for a dui outside my home. Also how long before blood test comes back
I pulled out of a parking lot at 2:00 am a garbage can was in the street. I swiped it andthere was no place to stop. I lived a mile away and was going to report it the the garbage company but as I got home a policeman was behind me. He asked if I had been drinking and arrested me. I got charged with a hit and run and a dui. They administered a blood test at the station. how soon can I find a police report after this incident at the courthouse. That will show my what I blew as far as a percentage when can I obtain this report?
You will receive the result when your attorney goes to court. Sometimes it can take longer depending the lab where the...
Had a dui when i was a juvenile and it got sealed but then now that i am 20 i got another dui will it count as a second offense?
will the court count it as a second offense and will i possibly get jail time?
The possibility of jail time always exists with any arrest, best to hire an attorney. And the juvenile adjudication...
"CASE CLOSED" --What, why, and how???
Convicted of a DUI in 2009, in Alameda County, California.I was sentenced to one day's community service, DUI School, and a fine of $1700. Paid fine. Did not complete the school, and I did not show for the assigned community service work date. Bench warrant issued 9/2009. Today I called criminal clerk, he pulled my file. He told me that the warrant had been recalled (July 2014) and the case was closed. Come fill out papers. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? I was originally calling the courthouse to make arrangements to turn myself in.
I'd contact an attorney in Alameda County. It's odd that the warrant was recalled if you never appeared.