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  • Search for Nanuet Robber Underway

    Friday Nov 13 | via 

    At approximately 10:26 AM the Clarkstown Police Department responded to the area of Main St. and Church St. in Nanuet for a report of a robbery that had just occurred. Responding units interviewed the male victim who stated that an unknown male pushed him to the ground and took his bag that he was holding.


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  • Today in History _ Tuesday, Oct. 20

    Oct 20, 2015 | via Worcester Telegram & Gazette 

    He was king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1714 until his death in 1727, and ruler of the Duchy and Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg in the Holy Roman Empire from 1698. In 1914, "Stay Down Here Where You Belong," an antiwar song by Irving Berlin, was published by Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co.


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  • Rosie O'Donnell's estranged wife Michelle Rounds tak...

    Oct 17, 2015 | via Daily Mail 

    Khloe is a 'shell of herself': She gets a visit from her best-friend during 24/7 vigil at Lamar's bedside in hospital - after he finally woke from his coma and said 'Hey Baby' three days after bender Hero Bronze Star combat dog who suffered from PTSD is shot and killed by bicyclist in Wyoming who 'felt he was being threatened' Could this be the beginning of the end for McDonald's? Franchisees say all-day breakfast is a disaster as company struggles to find its way Get ready for 'The Monster': Forecasters reveal El Nino will bring a cold and wet winter but say it WON'T be enough to ease California's drought The pointlessness of the long distance runner: You can run as many marathons as you like but you'll still be fat, say scientists Jeb Bush hits back at Trump's 'pathetic' attempt to blame George W. Bush for 9/11 - 'Say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time' New ... (more)


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Nanuet Law

My interlock had read a fail twice in the same day what can I expect?
Ive completed everything else that has been asked and its coming to the last month of the interlock. I blew the first time and had thought something was wrong so I had waited abit and blew again. I then cleaned the machine 2 hours later and it passed.
You can expect to be called into court. Speak to your attorney. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. Immediate Past...
My son got a DWI but falls under the Youthful Offender Adjudication. Will next one be a felony?
If he gets another DWI or DUI in the next 10 years, will it be a felony or will it be taken as if he was never charged due to YOA? We are in NY State.
No. A felony DWI requires a prior DWI conviction. A YO is not a conviction so it cannot be a predicate for a felony.
Can I have my DWAI charge (violation, not criminal) sealed in the state of New York?
I do not have a criminal record, but the arrest is still there, as well as the violation. Is there any way to have my record sealed? It is a charge for Driving While Ability Impaired, not a DUI charge which I know cannot be sealed. Thanks
I do not think NYS seals DUI's.............................................
I planned a 30-year high school reunion at a catering hall. Am I liable for guests who drink and drive?
Should I ask the venue for a copy of their insurance/liability coverage? Should I place a "hold harmless" or indemnification clause on the website where tickets are being sold?
The venue along would not hold sole liability in the event a guest is involved in an accident or incident related to...
I paid my dues for a DUI in NY. I was granted a conditional license and now am a valid ny driver. I was pulled over in Nj.
I was pulled over in NJ at a random check. I was told by the policeman I was driving with a suspended license. I am a legal NY driver. I wasn't drunk. I was driving fine. No speeding. I live in Ny and work in NY. Not sure why I was pulled over, but I was. Now i have a court date in September. What will happen to me? Should I get a lawyer? Now sure what to do.
I suggest that you get a criminal defense lawyer. You need to find out the basis of the suspension. Go to DMV.
I have a NY Conditional License after a DWAI. I am moving to NJ can I get a NJ license prior to the end of my revocation?
I get my full license back in December 2015. I cannot drive anywhere by to and from work/my house (address on my license). I am not permanently moving to NJ but temporarily. Can I keep my NY license and change the address on my conditions?
I do not believe that NJ will give you a driver's license while you have a conditional in NY.
If you have been charged with a refusal can you apply for a conditional license in NY?
I was charged with a DWAI, and a refusal in NY. Am I still eligible to receive conditional driving privledges in NY?
No, you are not eligible for a conditional license, but if you win at the DMV refusal hearing, you will get your...