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How long does a dui accident take to settle?
was hit in may 08 by a dui driver (5th dui the cop said) who was later on convicted i suffered lower back disk damage and carpel tunnel in right wrist accor to the doc car totaled out by nationwide at 1060.00 woowe anyway wondering about how long these things take and maybe a monetary est. if poss
Your question is really a negligence or Personal Injury question and has nothing do to with criminal law even though...
DUI Refusal License Suspension
Hello. I got a First time DUI in May 2015. I refused the chemical test so that suspended my license for a year. My license got suspended for the DUI before my court case. I had my disposition on Tuesday and the judge said 12 month license suspension is that an additional year suspension on top of the suspension I've been serving since July for the refusal. Which would really make it a 2 year suspension. MY public defender said it's not an addition year. But the Penn Dott website said I am suspended a year for a Refusal and a year for DUI general impairment 1st offense. The case is over and the public defender is now discharged.
In almost all circumstances it is a subsequent suspension. Your intuition is correct. If you were suspended for the...
DUI license suspension.
I'll just get to the point. I have a DUI refusal I was denied ARD because I had a suspended license for an unpaid fine at the time of my DUI. So I have had my license suspended since July for the refusal and once July of this year comes i'll start my DUI suspension until July 2017 making it a 2 year suspension for a first time DUI and first time ever being introuble. I live alone with my mom and she has stage 3 cancer. (I can provide medical papers for proof if needed) she has a commute to Philadelphia to go to Fox chase hospital once a month for a week. I have to drive her. Its only me and her there is nothing I can do. She'll literally die if I dont take her. If I get caught ill go to prison. Being a college student graduating soon I cant go to jail ill get killed in there but theres nothing else I can do. Can someone please help me im begging someone. We dont have very much money but I can make payments to someone just someone please help me with this I cant just not take my mom.
Talk to a local attorney about a probationary license or occupational limited license to see if you qualify.
DUI Occupational License.
I got a DUI last May it was my first one. I've never been in any other trouble before. I refused the chemical test. Penn dot suspended my license for the refusal last July (2015). I had my court hearing Last month. The judge suspended my license for a year making it a 2 year license suspension. 1 year for the refusal and 1 year for the DUI. I'm not eligible for my license to be restored until July 2017. I'm eligible for an OLL 60 days after my refusal suspension is over and I'm serving my DUI general impairment suspension. Should I get an attorney to help me get an OLL ? And when should I start working on this process? What attorney in the Luzerne county area can help me with this if I need one? I've been told they are difficult to get. I really want to go back to college in the Fall and can't do so until I have a license.
The application process is challenging so you should hire counsel. As long as you have the ability to copy and fax or...
DUI sentence
I maybe facing a 72 hour jail sentence for a 1st time DUI in Luzerne County. Do I serve the Jail Sentence with the general population in the county jail ?
First, these issues are specific to the statute. Different states have different rules. In Washington, for example,...
What are my next options. (DUI issue)
I was arrested for DUI in May 2015. I have no prior criminal record just this DUI. However, when I got the DUI my license had been suspended for an unpaid traffic violation. The cops didn't charge me for driving without a license. When the DA reviewed my case for acceptance into the ARD program I was denied because of the suspended license. I already waived my preliminary hearing and had my disposition this morning where I found out my ARD shot was denied. Not being aware my license was suspended at the time of my arrest the judge gave me a continuance. I currently have a public defender who I never met besides once and she wasn't even at my disposition this morning. My PD had another public defender come in for my hearing that I never even spoke to. Without ARD im facing at least 72 hours in jail or house arrest. There was no accident in my DUI and I was the only in the car. My arresting officer is calling the DA to put a good word in for me. I am a college student graduating soon and will be looking for a job. With this DUI on my record it will be nearly impossible. Someone please give me advice on what I should do next. This public defender has done nearly nothing to help me.
If you're not happy with your representation then you an hire your own attorney.
1st offense DUI
I was involved in a one car auto-accident. I was the driver. I had a passenger in the car who received multiple surgeries to his face after being hit with an airbag and another friend in the back seat who had a fracture in his neck. I never have been in trouble before and I'm 21 don't have a lawyer yet. What penalties am I facing here ? I also blew in the highest BAC
There is a possibility of shock time or worse depending upon state law regarding mandatory jail or prison time when...