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What if I do not qualify for drug court?
My husband was sentenced to 5 years state probation for drug charges (pain pills, dui drugs) and repeatedly declined to do drug court because he knew it was not for him. He was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, hence the pain pills, and now receive pain pills legally and will be seeing a specialist next month to start biologics and whatever other treatment is deemed necessary. A part of drug court is working, no drugs regardless of script, etc. I have a good job and he does not work. He plans to apply for disability because of the level of his ra. The first day he reported to probation, today, he was told I had one year drug court or go to jail. He passed the drug test that the po gave me. How is this possible? What recourse could he take in this situation. He does not mind the probation or fees, which he agreed to in court, but he needs to be able to take what is prescribed by my doctor, regardless of what it is and drug court will not allow this. Not to mention that drug court will put a strain on us financially, which we were also aware of when he continually declined drug court.
This post is confusing as you refer to you then your husband. Best to consult a Criminal Defense Attorney to represent...
What are the typical penalties for a DUI first offense in Brantley County Georgia?
I have no prior DUI and was pulled over for speeding and charged with DUI with a bac of 0.154. I am curious of what to expect at court. I am nervous and have no knowledge of duos and the process. I know I have my 30 day temporary license, and was wondering how I can get a permit to drive for work due to my job requiring driving. Also anybody know how strict Brantley county is or judge crews is? Thank you
First you should hire an experienced DUI attorney. Do not do this alone. If you fail to get any responses you can...
Is it legal for ems in georgia to draw blood beside the road to test for dui/drugs?
I was stopped for expired vehicle registration, failure to maintain lane and then received tickets for these two charges. And a ticket for dui/drugs. I agreed to blood test. The officer called ems and instead of them taking me to ED, the blood was drawn beside the road. It has been over two months and my test result are not back as of yet. First ever dui
As long as the EMS properly maintains the "chain of custody" on your sample, it will be admissible in court. That's...
I got a pending dui from a accident i was in four months ago thank god i was the only one hurt broke my neck they gave me URINE
I'm not sure what the question is here but if you were in a collision you should report it to your auto insurance.
Statues Of Limitation for a DUI?
I was charged last year January for a misdemeanor DUI I went to court and my lawyer took the case and I am just waiting to see what’s next my lawyer is waiting for evidence does my case met the requirements for the statues of limitations
Timing sounds about right for Richmond County and no it doesn't sound like you case will meet those requirements.
How Can I get my DUI charge dropped?
I was wondering if there’s a way I can get these dui charges I just received dropped. I didn’t take the implied consent because the officer said it in a way I couldn’t understand and when I asked him can you tell me what happens if I don’t take it he said he can’t say that but can only read the card again. I declined regrettably. I believe I passed the physical test to test if you are intoxicated but failed the Breathlizer test by getting 0.023 instead of 0.02 due to me only being 19. I was pulled over for speeding.
A good dui lawyer may be able to help get the charges dropped or reduced. There are several ways this can be done...
Can I move to other state during DUI probation?
I have 1st DUI and I'm still on a probation, but my case has been closed and I submitted all the documents (DUI school, evaluation and community service) and the fine as well. And my PO said I can ask to my attorney to get a non-reporting probation, but I didn't ask him yet .What do I have to do for the non-reporting probation and is it possible to move to the other state (From GA to LA) for transferring my college? Or transfer probation office to the state?
If your probation officer allows you to move, then you can move. Just make sure you get that in writing from them so...