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Can i renew my Daca after getting my dwi charge down to an abtruction of a highway?
I got a dwi charge on august 2016, once i went to court they gave me the option to plea guilty to an obtruction of a highway instead, can i still renew my Daca?
If you are referring to a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, this should be an Immigration question. not many of...
I revently got a dwi, i havent been to court yet for it, will it affect my DACA renewal?
I was arrested on my bday for DWI, never had any problems with the police or any tickets, but i have court in less than a month. what should i do?
First, you have to retain an attorney in your area to represent you on the DWI. You would like to avoid a conviction,...
What does "Information (OCA)" mean?
This is a notation referenced in my brother's DUI case.
It usually means the Office of Court Administration...but I would need to see the context before being certain.
I got my first dwi two years ago in texas. They took my drivers license. I can't get a job without one, I'm a mechanic. Can I ge
Can I get it back and if so how?
Have you tried contacting the DMV or whatever they call it in TX and asking what you need to do to get your license?...
Can I have a third DWI reduced to a class A Misdemeanor by using the 12.44(a) and (b)?
The second DWI conviction occurred in 1991. The third in June 2014. The Judgment for the second was 90 days in jail at $500 restitution and 1 year probation which was successfully completed.
So, the 12.44 motion reduces your punishment to a misdemeanor level but leaves a felony on your record. The only way to...
Has anyone been convicted of dwi/dui while under the influence of synthetic marijuana in texas?
Does xlr-11 show up in a blood draw in Tx? Could you please tell me where/ how to research this subject. I was arrested for felony dwi and the only substance that could show up is synthetic cannibiods, at the time I thought they were undetectable. It has been 11 months and the state had to give my liscense back due to the blood test results not being back. All I know is that I either passed the blood draw or the results are not back yet because my dl is still good. Also I was indicted by the Grand Jury, I am guessing this was based on DRE because I got that letter shortly after the one returning my liscense. Any info, guidance, and advice would be appreciated.
Felony DUI? You need a serious DUI lawyer to represent you. Trying to fight this on your own isn't wise. Can't afford...
Can I obtain a CDL in Texas with 2 DUI offenses from another state?
I need to get a CDL for my job in Texas. I got 2 DUI in Alaska (1999 and 2006). I've never had a CDL. I know that 2 DUI results in lifetime revocation of CDL if the offenses take place while you have a CDL, but since I did not have a CDL at the time, am I still ineligible for a CDL?
Contact DPS and ask them or research their website.