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just wondering
it is highly likely they will know. Law enforcement can check your record at any time to determine new offenses. Be...
it was my friends 18th birthday and he to my place (i come from a small town and moved to a city) since i was not 18 i didnt go to the bar (just him and my brother) but when the bar shut down they forgot how to get back to my place so i walked the short distance to the bar so i could guide them home and when i was walking them home i was stopped by the police and they polietley asked me to give them i.d. so i did and they noticed i had a different i.d. in my wallet that wasnt mine ( i used my fake id to buy tobacco products) and they wrote me a ticket for underage drinking but i wasnt drunk or had any to drink that night. they also did not do any sobrity tests or let me talk, i noticed that they wrote i was a passenger in a vehicle too when i was walking will that make it invalid?
Generally this ticket is easy to handle.It will require a Court appearance so you will need to retain an experienced...
I was taken to the ambulance garage for my blood test.
If you are charged with a DUI, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area to represent you.
it was in letcher county , what should I do
Consult with an attorney who handles DUIs. Comply with the sentencing order in every respect.
I was convicted for DUI October 2011. I applied for PR and when I reach the border (Sept 2012, CIC found out that I was convicted of DUI. I was not able to update my records/application believing that it was not necessary since they did not asked for police clearance before I exit the border. They issued a deportation order effective 2 weeks after they discover my offence. I was immediately sent back to my country. I was able to pay all the fine pertaining to my case before the Dec 2011. I just want to ask if i can still go back to Canada. Can I apply for pardon now that I am outside Canada and how long do I have to wait for CIC to approve the application for parole (if it's possible) Hoping that you can help me. what I I had a good job in Canada and my family depends on it.
As a general rule, Canada does not allow persons with DUI's to enter their country. Travellers who require in-depth...
I realize I was guilty, however the next day I got stopped again for not having peddles on my electric bike that goes 12 miles an hour. I also lied to the officer as I was terrified about the day before , for being stopped in my car I lied about my birthdate. They took my ebike away and I am terrified as to what is going to happen to me. I have been driving my ebike since my impaired. What now???
There are a few ways of attacking driving on a suspended license case. Additionally, if the case cannot be beat, it may...
i pled guilty and was given a fine with a year to pay it 25 a month for a year i owe 115$ and my paper says the reckless driving charge was amended an disposed as guilty it also says active bench warrant from 2 1/2 yrs ago what does this mean
This appears to mean that: You had a bench warrant from 2-1/2 years earlier on this charge. You appeared and it was...