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Can you be charged for DUI hours after an incident.
My husband was turning onto a slick roadway, and slid into a snow bank. He was not able to get the car out of the snow. There was minimal damage to the vehicle where it hit the snow bank, but no other damage to property or person. The car was well off the road. Another driver came along and offered him a ride home. It was already 2:30 in the morning, so he decided to wait until the following day to call AAA. After being home and in bed, we were awakened by police at @ 3:30 AM who wanted to question him for leaving the scene of an accident. After initial questioning, they performed a breathalizer test, then cuffed him in the home and took him to the hospital for a BAC. He hasn't heard anything yet, but is concerned that the police actions were not warranted. Any thoughts
The short answer is YES you can still be charged hours after. The facts as you decribe them are even more reason to...
Busted for DUI. Worst and best case scenarios?
Let's say a person is involved in an accident. At the scene they fail the breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. Due to injuries from the crash they are taken to the hospital where a drug panel/blood test is run. Suppose along with alcohol, amphetimines, marijauna and prescription meds this person is prescribed are found. (Let's say these meds are something like prescription pain killers and prozac) This incident did not injure another person or property other than the accused's car. They were not arrested at the scene and were released to go home right after the hospital, though the police took their meds in their prescription bottles as "evidence". What is going on? Worst and best case? Also, let's say this is the persons 1st DUI ever and 1st arrest since '92 (drug charge/selling)?
Get yourself a criminal attorney.
How is Pennsylvania DUI look back calculated?
I have a prior DUI conviction from Feb. 2006 sentencing in Sept 2006. I got stopped for DUI in July 2016. Is the look back calculated from date of offences, date of convictions, or a mix of both? This would be a huge difference between the two for penalties and I would like to know where things stand.
The statute just was amended. It reads: the prior offense must have occurred: (i) within 10 years prior to the date of...
Is the Pennsylvania DUI ARD lookback period set in stone at ten years?
I was told that a local county has a lookback period of 15 years and that you will not be eligible for ARD if you had a previous DUI in that time. I thought the standard was 10 years? Is this a variable amount? Thank you.
There is a 10 year lookback period to determine of it is a multiple offense. It does not apply as to ARD. Some counties...
I don't know if I actually got a DUI or not
So I had about seven drinks total (within a six hour period about.) I got pulled over in my friend's drive way, and they came up asked if I'd been drinking asked for my info. They took my friend immediately into they're car. He only had three drinks, but had violated his probation I am assuming. Cops had me do sobriety tests which I assume I failed. They cuffed me took me straight to the hospital for blood work. I wasn't breathalized, they never asked me to. After the blood work was done and they got all my info, the cop told me, "Well you're not under arrest, you're free to go," took me back to my car and let me go home.. I have no idea what I'm to expect next on this. Are the blood results immediate or a few weeks? Didn't get a ticket or anything either. Sent home with nothing.
A bizarre fact pattern. After this, they let you drive home? You should consult a Pennsylvania defense attorney ASAP....
Boyfriend got a DUI in the state of Maryland and we live in Pennsylvania
his last DUI was 1992 in Pennsylvania all three prior where in PA this fourth one in Maryland concerned about losing house job license. If he loses his license want to try to get at least a pass to drive to work Charges are insufficient breath failure to follow instructions- driving while impaired- driving while under the influence and neglegent driving... 22 yrs between dui. Not sure what the laws are in Maryland for this
This appears to be a repeat question already addressed by several attorneys, including me. Please understand that your...
My boyfriend received his fourth DUI out of state need advice on lawyes and how to proceed
last DUI was in Pennsylvania in 1992. Need to get a good Lawyer that is reasonable in price we do not have allot of money. He is worried about losing his house, license and job. Hoping he can get a working pass to drive. Charges are insufficient breath says failed to follow instructions - negligent driving- driving while impaired and driving under influinfluence
In order to know how best to answer the question, attorneys will need to know which state was the one where he received...