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My Son went to School while under the influence and was caught. With Court how should he plead?
My Son ended up blowing a .082 while in school, he has court and everyone is saying it just an underage ticket. How should he plead?
Your question is far too complicated to address in this forum. You should hire a lawyer. The consequences for your son...
I live in WI. and got a DUI is there anything a lawyer can do for me
I went to a funeral for a friend and after I was drinking left and driven my self home made it in the driveway and was getting out of the truck and the police pulled in the driveway and said that people were calling in that I was driving bad. this will be my first DUI but I had one in 1980 form what I heir after the laws changed this will be my first is there anything that a lawyer can do.
In Wisconsin this will be counted as a first offense again because of the age of your last DUI. You will face a civil...
Should I get a lawyer for a second offense drunk driving. I blew a .17
My last dwi was about 5-7 years ago. I was a few feet from my driveway when he turned on his lights, so I pulled into my driveway.
Yes. You should see an OWI / DUI / Drunk Driving Defense lawyer. The consequences of this are far more severe than for...
My son who is 19 was charged with a DUI. Should we contact a lawyer? He refused a second breathalizer test but did comply once.
He was driving his friends car because his friend was in worse shape. He took an onsite breathalizer test and blew a .084. He was asked to take another at the station and refused it. He stated that he did not understand exactly what they were asking and didn't realize that there would be consequences for refusal. They were pulled over because of no front license plate. He said he passed the field sobriety test but when his friends tested high he was then asked to and he complied by taking an onsite breathalizer test. Will he be held liable because he refused a second test? Will we need a lawyer because he refused to take a second test?
As you most likely know by know, he would be charged with a refusal to take a breath alcohol test for failing to take...
Wisconsin dui- probation officer tells me i can not bowhunt? what gives?
my license is for statewide
Do NOT mess with the probation officers. They are given a lot of power and can cause you to have to do time.
What to do after I got my first DUI?
I wrapped my car around a telephone pole Saturday night. BAC .38
Get an attorney who deals with OWIs immediately. also get this confession off the internet, if possible.
What happens with the data gathered on the Lifesaver IID? I am not on probation ....but did have a failed test
When trying to start the car I had a failed test which put me into the 7 day warning indicating a need a new hand device. Where does this data go and how does this affect me? I am not on any type of probation.
You need to check your contract with the IID provider and any related disclosures that came with the contract. If you...