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How do I know if I am getting charged with a dwi
I was pulled over for swerving. The police transported me to the hospital by ambulance because it appeared I was having a stroke. They ran numerous tests at the ER including blood work. The results concluded that my medication was the issue. I was released from the hospital and the nurse asked if I received a ticket for dwi. I did not and he said it was my lucky day. Can I be charged with dwi and if so how do I find out? How long before I find out?
From the situation you described, it sounds like no further action will be taken against you for DWI. However, every...
40 year high school reunion tonight can I be drunk and sleep in the my car overnight on a class mates private property were
I will be in the back of a dodge caravan with the seats down and on air mattress
Rather considerable effort needs to be made to guard against some implication that you were ready to drive. Keys in a...
Was hit by an uninsured D.U.I. driver how to I go about suing?
I was hit by an uninsured driver who not only had a suspended license for a D.U.I. but also received an additional D.U.I. at the scene of the accident. How do I go about suing for the car damage, pain and suffering, and lost wages? Car was totaled Week and a half of lost wages Continued back pain since day of accident
You should contact an attorney. Pursuing an accident case in Pennsylvania is not something you should do yourself, and...
My son recieved underage citation and sent it in pleading guilty 9 months ago. He has not recieved any response.
We checked court records and there was a summary trial in August. The case status is inactive. What does this mean and shouldn't he have recieved fine info and been notified of loss of license by now?
DMV and Court Actions are separate from each other. You need to check with the court regarding the fine and check the...
I am on house arrest for a 2nd DUI,I came home 1 hr late today from church and got a phone call from some1 in the probation dept
asking why I was late, I told her I lost my license (which I did) and my grandparents were late driving me today. Is this going to come up later or cause me to be in more trouble? She didnt say anything would happen, but I dont know how they work.
Usually, church lets out at the same time each day. Usually, everyone carries their license in billfold or purse, so...
Can I get off a DUI
SORRY about my typing. I was puklled over at 10 at night. it was 4 degrees in PA that night. HE pulled me over for leaving the town center with only my daytime running lights on. Well he said your eyes are slightly red did you drink anything tonight. I said, no i was dry walling all day. well he made me get out and do a field test passed it, then still arrested me. well I blew a 0, so he made me do another field test and passed it. so he said hes 1 of 146 people register to do some test that can tell what your on, i said ok. well i did that, and he tried to tell me i was hi on weed, i don't even smoke. So he wanted to get a blood test next about 8 miles from my house i said fine. well she couldn't do it so he wanted tongo all the way to the hospital 36 miles away. I said no I did enough hoops passed them, it seemed like harassment now. what do you thing. Thanks for any feed back
Your is an interesting question. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully answer in the space and time allotted. I...
I think I am getting my second DUI help
I was stopped for a missing tail light. They took my info then told me to step out the car after asking if I had any drinks which I said no I haven't. I passed their field soberity tests and they still took me to jail. They processed me and took a breathalyzer which was on the highest tier. I don't want to end my life here but had found out my grandfather died of alcoholism and want to know I stead of jail would a rehab be possible.
You need to hire an attorney that can represent you and determine what a good strategy is for you. Maybe rehab is...