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If a police officer has been arrested and charged with DUI, will he be placed on administrative leave?
If a cop is in legal trouble due to a DUI, does this mean he cannot testify in court?
It's up to the department whether the office will be placed on administrative leave. The pending DUI would not...
Once an individual is searched of all personal property and detained and nothing is found, can he/she be charged at later time?
If a friend was intoxicated and couldn't drive and you were asked to drive their vehicle home for them, stopping for gas and a city cop drives up runs the plates at the pump while the car is not moving, and you are searched along with friend and there are uncontrolled substances found in the friends vehicle and the friend admits they are not yours can you still be charged of a crime or even arrested? If that friend was found during the search with a open container and admitted to it being theirs and the cop still arrest you based on your background and allows the friend to drive intoxicted along with the open container and arrest you for the substances what should that person do to prove their innocence?
Seems like you know the answer, you are asking for the help of a lawyer. You should call around and interview one or...
Can my dui change get lowered or dismissed first dui no criminal background
Pulled over cop said I was swerving I had one tail can 24oz about a hour before and was drinking one when I got pulled over cop smelled it I said I had drank a tail can about a hour ago the stop took about 5 min. I did 3 test eye,count fingers,lift leg for 30 seconds I know I passed all 3 because I wasn't impaired but he said I blew a .104 he said you been cool so I won't tow you're car there was 2 cops so one drove my car across the street and then they drove me about 5min away pulled in I guess a station one cop went in and got the other test I blew he said .103 the first time he had me blow 2 times that time just once got out 12 hrs later and got my car and went back to work
Possible, yes. But you'll need to hire a lawyer to fight for you. Without a lawyer, it'll be extremely difficult. We...
Chances of beating this DUI? (I will hire a lawyer)
I was pulled over by two officers on suspicion due to a phone call tip. It was very late at night (midnight) and I had stopped drinking at around 7pm. I had been up since 4 am that morning, so I was very tired. The officer asked me to step outside of my vehicle, where he performed 3 field sobriety tests on me. One was following his fingers with my eyes only. The next was walking 7 steps with my heels meeting my toes, and then 7 steps back. The last test was to stand on one foot and count to 30 seconds in my head. Afterwards he told me to take a breath test, where I took it twice, and he said I was testing at a 0.1, though I do not know if it was 0.10 or something that started with 0.1, such as 0.10-0.19. He then told me that I had the option to take the real breath test with another device, or to take a blood test. I opted to take the blood test, then he told me to turn around and handcuffed me, then put me in the back of the car. I was not told my miranda rights, nor that I was arrested. While in jail, I asked several times what my BAC was from my blood test, but no one could give me the answer.
There are two types of lawyers that will give you odds based on this information, those who have no idea what they are...
What happens to my probation when my Felony DUI is reduced to a misdemeanor?
Thanks in advance for your answers. I was convicted of a Felony DUI in SEP of 2014, the incident having happened in JAN 2014. It was told to me that this was a "wobbler" and once all conditions of my formal probation (checking into a kiosk every three months) have been met, after 18 months from my sentencing date my Felony can reduce to a misdemeanor. So on my paperwork it says I am to serve 3 years of formal probation. But, if my felony reduces to a misdemeanor having served 2/3 years of my felony probation, will I still be on Felony Probation or does it reduce to informal/misdemeanor probation so I can travel out of state/restore my gun rights etc? My job requires me to travel across state lines for trade shows. I appreciate your feedback! Thanks
Best person to answer this is your attorney. He/she will know the intimate details of your deal. Best of luck
Already served papers to drunk driver, should I amend to add punitive damages?
Back in November I was hit by an uninsured drunk driver who totaled my car. As my insurance didn't include uninsured motorists, I am having to sue him on my own for the cost of the vehicle, towing, and a chiropractor visit. This comes out to approximately 2300 dollars. When visiting my girlfriend's personal injury lawyer (for a completely unrelated accident), I asked him at what point I should ask for my court fees and serving fees to be reimbursed. He asked about my case and when I told him I already served the papers and it wouldn't take place until the end of July, he recommended I go to the court and amend the case to add 7500 dollars in punitive damages and then serve him again. Since the guy was arrested for a DUI that night he said it likely would be a "No Brainer" for the judge and I would get the ruling in my favor. Now I'm wondering how likely is this to happen? I'm not sure how punitive damages work, so it would take some time and money to amend and re-serve the papers for potentially no return. At the same time I don't want to leave money on the table, especially if it's a "No Brainer." Thanks I appreciate any advice
You can do that, sure. Look for a case called Taylor vs. Superior Court regarding this.
I would like to know if I am even being given correct information.
Originally, I had an out of state DUI in Arizona from 2007 and an instate DUI last year. I was obviously charged with two DUI's with the DMV however I sent the DMV a judgement set aside from my Arizona DUI. The DMV accepted my paperwork and reduced my two DUI's down to one. They said now I am charged with one DUI, however two arrests since my admin per se is still in effect in AZ. I received a letter two days ago stating my license is fully suspended until 1/16/2017 but I can immediately apply for a restricted license now. When I went to the DMV yesterday they denied me my restricted license and was given the wrong information from mandatory actions unit anyways. I called mandatory actions unit myself and a lady Renee explained to me based on my situation with ONE DUI conviction and TWO arrests, I cannot receive a restricted license. I have to wait till 1/16/2017 to get my license back. I asked why do I have paperwork saying otherwise? She said based upon California lesgislature they do no have in place for someone in my situation to get a restricted license ONLY for someone with two DUI's and two arrests. Is this even correct? Makes no sense!
If the DMV lists you as either having qualified administrative actions OR DUI convictions you will have the suspension...