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What are the consequences of failing a drug test for THC while on probation first offense DUI (charged with reckless driving)
I am currently on Probation for a DUI in TN. My charges were dropped to Reckless Driving. I was given 6 months probation with one drug test but was given no date to take the test until my last call which was on Jan 14. During this call I was assigned a different officer as mine had taken vacation and informed I had 2 days to take the drug test. I smoked weed every other day the last week of Dec, the last time I smoked was Jan 3. I took my test on Jan 16 and am very concerned what will happen if I failed it. My probation is supposed to end in March with my last call being Feb 25. I do not know if I should call the lab and attempt to get the results so that I know whether I passed the test. What is the likelihood that I passed the drug test and if I did not what will happen?
If you have a dirty urine, that would be a violation of the terms of your probation. The prosecutor could make a motion...
Do I need a dui attorney?
I was arrested for the first time in my life and charged with DUI while under the influence of marijuana. I have done a little bit of research and have noticed that you could get a fine with up to 30 days in jail. I have two children, attend school and have never had anything on my record. Will the state and public defender work with me with fines, probation, and community service? I really don't want to do any more jail time so would it be best for me to get a lawyer or am I guaranteed jail time no matter what I do?
A public defender is a lawyer. Talk to your PD and see how you feel about everything. If you are uncomfortable with...
Will I get any jail time? If so, how long?
I'm 17. I got a first offense DUI and first offense possession of marijuana. (Only 4 grams). I was told by some friends I would only get a week or a weekend in jail and some fines and my license taken away an possibly some DUI classes. Is this correct? I reside in Kentucky.
You will likely get a probationary sentence. But a KY lawyer will have more specific information.
How likely is a random drug test? And what are the grounds? Is it only if another crime is committed? Is he free to drink?
Here is the situation. Daniel gets a DUI (he's 21). He is in college and this was his first time ever and cant believe it happened to him. He gets a court date and cant drink for about a month due to pre-trial. So he doesn't. However, on the court date they motion to move the hearing to another two months from then. Assuming he still cannot drink he doesn't (for fear of being randomly drug tested for alcohol and also the uncertainty of his still being on probation due to pre-trial). How likely is a random drug test? And what are the grounds? Is it only if another crime is committed? Is he free to drink since he waited the original 30 days? Or is it completely possible he will be drug tested before the upcoming hearing?
I think no one can tell you how likely a randome drug test is without more information about the circumstances of your...
Will I have to serve jail time for 1st offense DUI?
was arrested for 1st offense DUI in Murray KY. It is aggrevated, I blew .171 I keep getting told I have to serve a weekend in jail.
A local defense attorney who knows the judges and Commonwealth attorneys (prosecutors) could answer that question best....
With a dui "suspension" in Ky., is there any way to get a license, even if a hardship??
I have a dui 4th, I care for an elderly gentleman who is the president of the condo assn. I work for. I need a license for acquisition of work materials as well as transport of the pres. who oversees the work around the properties. I live on state benefits as well as VA medical benefits, I NEED to acquire a license even if it is only a hardship license.
601 KAR 12:060. Hardship driver's license. RELATES TO: KRS 189A.400-189A.460 STATUTORY AUTHORITY:...
I've received my 4th dui, is there a state that allows licensing after conviction?
Is there a state that allows licensing after a 4th dui, maybe even a hardship??
Assuming you have a KY license and your driving privileges are not suspended or revoked in KY or another state, any...